While listening come the Tim Ferris show with Brandon Stanton (founder of people of new York), Brandon talks about his life before pursuing photography; purposeless, and not happy with what he was doing. In the quest to find meaning, he cursed to analysis 100 pages every day, mainly biographies. He believes biographies room the “best kind of history” and teaches friend much an ext than a self-help publication could. Ns couldn’t agree more.

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“Reading brings us unknown friends” 

Honoré de Balzac

On 28th may after finishing 30 days of yoga and also 21 job of meditation challenge, ns thought analysis 100 pages per day would be a fun and intellectually stimulating challenge.

So, I made decision to give it a go, notified a bunch of brand-new books and also waited for first June.

I review 3000 pages, because that 75 hours, end 30 days, and finished 7.5 books. Here’s a short reflection on my challenge.

Books read in June

Google states it deserve to take an median reader around 2.8 hrs to check out 100 pages. I am a below-average reader. Ns should’ve googled this before beginning the challenge.

The an initial 5 days were immensely challenging, it took me 3 hours every day come finish. Through 7 pm, i would have actually read 40 pages and also I would gain anxious and frustrated, virtually deciding to lower my goal to 50 pages or skip a few days in between.

If you take into consideration taking up such a challenge, ns recommend going because that anything various other than self-help books. Non-fiction and also biographies space the best. From personal experiences, I review non-fiction much faster, specifically if the story is gripping. Through self-help, ideally, girlfriend would additionally apply the ethics in your life, just knowing does no help.

It’s kinda choose binge-watching Netflix. I have the right to watch shows prefer Westworld, Stranger Things, or The huge Bang concept for hours, yet I have the right to rarely execute the same with documentaries prefer Our Planet, One strange Rock, or Cosmos. There’s too much info overload and it gets boring after ~ a point.

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody transforms on the set, I go into the other room and also read a book.” 

Groucho Marx

Mixing up genres always works. I had stocked a good mix for 30 days. A biography, a couple of memoirs, one travelogue, one service book, and a pair of fiction. Variety helps immensely.

Variety in length is additionally important. Ns don’t want to be reading 3 x 1000 page books for the totality month. My publications ranged from 250-600 pages long.

Another vital lesson is setting increase the atmosphere for success. I actually learned this indigenous Atomic behavior by James Clear, i m sorry I check out in February. An example: keeping your shoes alongside your bed and sleeping in your workout apparel so it’s easier to work out in the morning. To do it job-related for me, I maintained one book next to mine bed and also another one on my work-related desk. Seeing the book constantly reminded me to read. And also putting mine phone on silent whenever i planned an extended reading session assisted tremendously.

Using the 2-minute rule : “If it takes much less than 2 minutes, then carry out it now.” an additional solid tip from David Allen’s bestselling book, gaining Things Done.

When I open Instagram because that a fast peek, ns usually end up scrolling for much longer than planned. I tried to execute the exact same with reading, and if the publication is interesting, it definitely works. Ns would start with 2-min power reading in in between tasks and ended up analysis for 15–20 mins at least. Much better spend the time analysis than on Insta.

Reading 2+ books a time:

At the start, ns was obsessed with reading 1 book at a time, finishing it quickly, and checking it turn off on Goodreads. When I was reading Walden, ns realized how incredibly taxing reading 100 pages that one book can it is in (I still introduce Walden, though some parts are boring). So, i tried 2 books at a time, reading 50 pages of each in a day. This works best if one is non-fiction and another is fiction. It breaks off boredom and also brings the excitement of discovering from 2 authors at the same time.

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Reading advice by Austin Kleon

Eventually, after ~ 3 mainly of toiling, my rate improved. The last 10 days to be a breeze. Ns tried to fit in reading whenever I obtained time and was constantly searching for my book. Ns think I have the right to do 100 pages in 2 hrs now uneven the publication has a really little font size and is ~ above quantum mechanics. A significant improvement from as soon as I started.

Reading is just one of the most lucrative habits I’ve developed this year. If you’re struggling to develop one, challenge yourself, and aim to review every day because that 30 days. Choose a goal that works for you. You deserve to do 10 pages a job or 50, or read for 10 or 30 minutes a day. Ns was already reading about 40–50 pages a day prior to the challenge, for this reason anything reduced than 100 wouldn’t feeling challenging, and what’s the suggest of a challenge which is easy?

And if girlfriend don’t reap it, don’t prevent reading. Try a various book, maybe experiment through a brand-new genre, you might be surprised through what you like.

Thank you because that reading. Those your suffer with reading? Got any book recommendations? I’d love come hear from you, girlfriend can contact me here!