GTA mountain Andreas players can learn just how to recruitment quickly, yet it relies on your platform.

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GTA evil City permitted players to recruit a few bodyguards ~ they achieved 100% completion. GTA san Andreas expanded on this concept and also made it substantially more accessible to the general public. Because that starters, players don"t need 100% completion to recruit other gang members.

The number of people the the player can recruit to monitor them depends on your Respect stat. In ~ the ceiling minimum, CJ have the right to recruit 2 Grove Street family members members. At the maximum level, he have the right to recruit 7 of them. It"s an important to note that this attribute only uses to Grove Street family members NPCs.

How to recruit a GSF NPC in GTA mountain Andreas

Mobile players need to aim at a Grove Street household NPC and tap top top the switch that looks prefer two fists bumping against one another.

PlayStation and Xbox players must aim at the very same NPCs and also press increase on the D-pad.

PC players aim at the Grove Street family members members and press "G" to recruit them. They deserve to tell whom they"re aiming at by see the environment-friendly triangle over the NPC"s head.

Gang commands

GTA mountain Andreas football player can additionally tell your allies come stay put or follow them as soon as recruited. Mobile players can press the button that looks prefer a speech switch with an arrow to make them monitor the player. Likewise, pushing on the hand switch will do them wait.

Console players usage the D-pad to perform something similar. Up on the D-pad provides the NPCs follow the player, whereas under on the D-pad provides them wait in place.

PC players push "G" to do the gang follow them. Likewise, pushing "H" provides them wait in place.

GTA san Andreas players can likewise have one of the recruited corridor members take it a photo with CJ. Equip the camera, and also stand beside one the the recruited NPCs. A prompt need to pop up, indicating what the player have to do next.


Respect is everything. It can have to be a GTA 2 motto, however it still uses to how countless Grove Street family members members the player have the right to recruit in GTA mountain Andreas.

Several factors affect how much Respect CJ has at any type of given moment. The many obvious method to rise a player"s Respect is to complete missions. However, that isn"t the only way to boost it.

A muscular CJ with better clothes will have a greater Respect stat 보다 a fat CJ through no muscle definition wearing the default outfit. Gaining and losing territories additionally impacts exactly how much Respect the player has. It"s necessary to keep in mind that the player can lose Respect in GTA mountain Andreas.

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Killing medicine dealers and also rival corridor members also slightly enhances it. Killing or letting GSF members die will lower it.

Recruit cheat codes

CJ recruiting an NPC v the "recruit anybody v a Pistol" cheat code (Image via Rockstar Games)