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Trash compactors are very convenient appliances that help to ease several of the tension in your kitchen. Unfortunately, lock will need maintenance or changed eventually, like all appliances. In those situations, the first step is to be able to take it out of that housing. That’s why we have actually researched removing built-in trash compactors to help make the overall procedure easier because that you!

There space several an easy steps to monitor to eliminate your built-in trash compactor safely.

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Gather the necessary tools and also take safety precautionsRemove the absent plateRemove the door and also the drawerPull the garbage compacter out of its housing

Removing your trash compactor must be straightforward and fast process. To do the task correctly, though, there is some more information the could help you. Continue below to get all of the ins and also outs that this project!


Removing A built-in Trash Compactor

While this should be basic to do, there can be part variations in exactly how to perform it. Over there are plenty of different kinds of rubbish compactors and also brands that make them. That’s why you have to use the instructions listed below as a guide while likewise consulting the manual that came with your compactor for the ideal results.

1. Conference The crucial Tools and also Take safety and security Precautions

The main tool the you will need is a screwdriver. It should be a Phillips screwdriver, yet it could be a flat-head relying on your compactor’s version so have both handy simply in case. Friend may likewise want a crowbar or a device that will help you get between the steel of the compactor and the hardwood of the cabinet.

One safety and security precaution the should constantly be taken when taking care of electrical appliances is shutting turn off the power. It’s impossible to understand if something might have jeopardized the compactor’s power cord, for this reason this is the easiest way to be as safe together possible. You might also want some gloves to safeguard your hands during this job.

2. Remove The absent Plate

The absent plate is the metal piece in ~ the bottom of the garbage compactor. Many compactors have actually one so that you deserve to gently step on that to open up the appliance if her hands are full or dirty. It might not be totally necessary to eliminate it depending upon what type of dishwasher friend have.

Use the driver to eliminate the screws and set them in a safe place where castle won’t obtain lost. Then, gently collection the kickplate turn off to the side. Remove this piece will ensure that it can’t get in the means during the remainder of the process and the it can’t obtain damaged at all.

3. Remove The Door and The Drawer

These 2 pieces can come out with each other or have to be removed separately. You might be able to pull the end the door and also drawer by sliding it out in a particular way. If you can’t on slide it out, there should be screws near the slides or roughly the bottom the the door. Set these piece off come the side so that they can’t autumn over and get damaged.

4. Pull The trash Compactor out Of that is Housing

Now that those pieces space gone, the compactor will be lighter and also easier to maneuver out of the cabinet. There shouldn’t be any type of screws it is registered the appliance to the cabinet. However, if because that some reason there space screws, they must be on the peak piece of metal that sit flush against the wood and be quickly removed.

All that’s left is to closely remove the rest of the trash compactor native its housing. Usage the crowbar to get some an are between the compactor and the cabinet. Be gentle so that the cabinet’s timber is no damaged. Then, softly rock the appliance from next to side as you pull it in the direction of you. Together it traction out, be aware of its power cord that will have to be unplugged as soon as friend can gain to it.

Here is one in-depth video to assist with repairs as soon as your garbage compactor is removed!

What To execute After remove A garbage Compactor?

This counts on why you gotten rid of the compactor, to start with. If it was to fix it, you can put it ago in its housing once the repairs room done. Yet if that can’t be repaired or girlfriend don’t want it anymore, climate you’ll have to dispose the it. Follow your neighborhood guidelines for responsibly discarding appliances. Girlfriend could also attempt to offer it if it’s still in functioning order.

What can Replace one Old rubbish Compactor?

If you’re not placing in a brand-new trash compactor, it have the right to be difficult to decide what to carry out with the space. It’s a reasonably small and specific-sized space, however that doesn’t median there space some great options for making use of it!

Cabinet Space

A good solution is to construct some brand-new cabinet an are to to fill the hole. The biggest obstacle to this idea is the trash compactors go down to the floor. This method that as soon as it’s removed, you’ll check out the floor, no the bottom of a cabinet. So to execute this idea, you’ll have actually to build all parts of the cabinet and shelving, which deserve to be a bigger job than you might want.

Wine Cooler

Since alcohol coolers space compact-sized, this is a fun idea to use the space. If girlfriend can’t discover one that fits the an are exactly, you can gain as nearby as possible and reduced some lumber or use a filler of some kind for the gaps.


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Pullout Trash

This is a simple solution if you found yourself utilizing the compactor as with a rubbish can. If you desire it to complement the rest of your cabinetry, girlfriend will have actually to develop the bottom the the cabinet. You’ll also need come get matching wood and a device for the pullout trash can. You could also purchase a simple system if girlfriend don’t require it come match!


Shop for pullout trash can systems ~ above Amazon!

Can sheathe The Space

One last basic option is come cover the an are and do it look choose cabinetry. You deserve to leave the hole as is and custom cut some wood to walk on the prior of the room that sits flush through the remainder of the cabinets. Friend won’t have much more storage space, however you won’t have to worry around it anymore!

What deserve to I Use rather Of an Old garbage Compactor?

If you want to ditch the compactor however still desire some type of garbage receptacle there, then a pullout trash can is a good replacement! You could also set a trash deserve to in the an are or construct a room to set a trash have the right to in.

Does Anyone do A 12-Inch trash Compactor?

Several companies execute manufacture 12-inch garbage compactors. Brands choose Imperial and Monogram have actually 12-inch rubbish compactors. Here is one more excellent 12-inch compactor for the brand Krushr.

How do You eliminate A Jenn waiting Trash Compactor?

To eliminate a Jenn waiting trash compactor, you have the right to follow the very same steps shown above. The drawer on a Jenn air compactor is removed by simply pulling it off of the slides. Examine out these good maintenance tips to save your Jenn Air to run great!

How heavy Is A trash Compactor?

A standard 15-inch compactor generally weighs roughly 150 pounds. They additionally come in 12-inch sizes v will minimize the weight. The weight can also differ based on the model and manufacturer.

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Wrapping Up

Removing a integrated trash compactor is a straightforward procedure that only takes a couple of tools to do. The many time-consuming actions are taking parts of the compactor to make it lighter and easier to remove from that housing. When the compactor is removed, you deserve to repair, replace it, or put something entirely new in that is place! If friend no much longer want a rubbish compactor, climate you find all type of practical and fun means to use the space.

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