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Hi Everyone, I"ve accumulated a great precision rifle on a Rem 700 platform. One thing i noticed that really gets to me is that the bolt have the right to bind increase if not operated straight backward and forward . It"s that small bit that wiggle room that permits for it. Ns think that it as bolt wobble. However i recognize if the didn"t have that lot of play it wouldn"t have the possibility to bind. What deserve to I do to make that bolt to action fit tighter and make it easier to dick the shoot pin and also make for quicker reloads. execute i need to gain a new bolt? What manufacturers do you prefer ? have the right to i perform fit it myself or go it call for a gunsmith. I carry out some armorer things but i"m no gunsmith. 122045
Thats simply the way the Remington is. The wobble is kinda meaningless, reason it"s the lock up that counts.But, i agree, that was always bothersome to me and it walk bind. It"s inherent in the architecture but doesn"t mean it"s inaccurate. Just wobbles when on the means out and in. Ns like other bolt design that have actually multiple locking lugs. They seem to assistance the bolt when unlocked and are smooth. However just as precise or inaccurate together the Remington. Castle were simply smoother.

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I"m contemplating this wobble once I obtain my activity trued, however not sleeved for a tighter bolt. I"m reasoning of spraying the bolt and inside that receiver through some kind of teflon paint that could wear in? ns don"t want to have to buy a PTG bolt, as to keep the build cost down.
Pacific tool and also die likewise sells oversized bolts to reduce the wobble. They do the bolts because that remington.
Have you tried lubing your bolt? an easy fix. Could help. My 700 was acquiring tight favor that and I simply put a little lube top top it and also it smoothed out.
Great suggestions. Yeah, the accuracy of my rifle is optimal notch. I couldn"t be happier . However if you don"t have that edge JUUUUUUST ideal your reloads can acquire a little sloppy . ERDept you recognize waht i mean. Kinda like probably a ruger or sako. That fully supported feel during bolt cycling. Once that rem bolt close the door it"s favor a vise . Many thanks Damon.....i recall your bolts gift really great too
Have girlfriend tried lubing your bolt? straightforward fix. Could help. Mine 700 was obtaining tight prefer that and I just put a tiny lube ~ above it and it smoothed out.The bolt, when at the right angle , is as fast as ns am , no doubt much faster if ns were may be . But , it"s not forgiving of odd angles . When that bolt is closeup of the door i"m gtg. I just figure i can speed up my reloads in which method . Therefore socal precision rifle club eh? I"m curious .......where do you guys meet, what execute you shoot etc etc
:useless:Show me homieHAHAHAAH ok here you goThis was at 100 yards bench. 168 gr SMK HPBT. The pasters were on 3 zeroing shots and then 7 rounds under a quarter . T"was a good day at angeles!!122140
My 700 SPS-T and my Howa 1500 room the very same way, a bit wobbly. Ns don"t think the has any type of effect ~ above feeding. I would certainly look at the feed ramp or the feeding lips in the clip. My remmy has so lot free-bore, My far better loads won"t fin in the magazine anyway... Believe it or not, my old Czech VZ 24 Mauser beater has actually quite a bit less bolt wobble than either modern rifle but it has an almost square protrusion on one next of the bolt and a "bolt guide" machined into the rear receiver ring. The Germans removed the feature on the K98 to make manufacturing cheaper. I think the united state did the very same thing on the Springfield 03-A3.
The bolt, when at the best angle , is as quick as i am , no doubt quicker if i were able . However , it"s not forgiving of odd angles . Once that bolt is closeup of the door i"m gtg. Ns just figure i can speed up mine reloads somehow . So socal precision rifle society eh? I"m curious .......where carry out you males meet, what carry out you shoot etc etcI offered to have actually the same concern with mine 700 but after it gets supplied a little bit it in reality wears down the finish and makes because that a smoother cycle. Return so lengthy as girlfriend can gain behind the rifle correctly and practice every night it wont end up being an issue. To far better understand what us shoot and where we shoot girlfriend should inspect out our website in ~
Mine appeared to stay in some and got smoother in time. Also, I an alert it an ext at house when cleaning etc than at the range when you are behind the rifle.
Tighten bolt fit/clearence;1. You can add two collection screws at the 10 and 2 oclock position in rear receiver and also screw in flat point/dog point set screws ~ you suggest in bolt lug set on a tight gage/case to keep bolt aligned come locking lugs from create sear bar lift.2. Weld a tiny 1/16" dia. Bead of tough weld stick on bolt bearing surfaces and stone to fit action.3. Like Bhobbs said: turn down bolt on recipient bearing surface front and rear and epoxy or weld sleeve.Reduce opening/closing cocking/lift force:1. Polishing firing pin, bolt cocking camer suface, and cocking item to reduce drag, enhance lock time.2.Moly coat bolt shroud theads and also bolt cocking electronic came surface.3. Polish/stone/ramp bolt lugs cam surfaces from and ago to smooth locking force.4. Polish magazine cartridge bearing surfaces and ramp former of mag housing o enable a smooth shift of cartridges into action feed ramp.5. Usage a stole fluted firing pin, not use greater tension firing pin springs.
Great suggestions. Yeah, the accuracy of mine rifle is height notch. Ns couldn"t be happier . But if friend don"t have that angle JUUUUUUST ideal your reloads can acquire a small sloppy . ERDept you know waht ns mean. Kinda like probably a ruger or sako. That completely supported feel throughout bolt cycling. When that rem bolt close the door it"s like a vise . Many thanks Damon.....i recall your bolts gift really good toowow, quite groups.The wobble bugged me so much, i did obtain a operated doctor rifle. However accuracy was minimal by me, ~ above both gift inconsistent. ~ above the method back, girlfriend gotta be simply right, so that won"t bind. I suppose that"s simply practice and also repetition.

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Awesome thread. And wow part high tech details from 6mmINTL . I"m not certain if i"m standard to perform all that . Prob offer randy a speak to at R&D. He"s excellent almost all of my other work-related . Everyone in the socal are choose to walk long range shooting?
I had a tight bolt from PTG equipment to mine Remington 700. It was -0.002 undersized.I also ran a diamond rock over the stormy edges and also it smoothed everything out.I touch the flutes and the sharp parts of the receiver.Did wonders, then a irradiate coat of oil.