Just the method the fridge is made renders the door handles among the much more vulnerable components of a fridge. The factor why this is so, is the those handle or handle stick out and also they can easily be bumped into.

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Then the consistent opening and also closing that the fridge door adds to the stress and also strain the handles need to endure. No issue which next of the refrigerator they space on, the door handles room the most breakable parts, and also they have the right to break once you the very least expect them to.

When that happens, you must be prepared to change them and to learn how to do that, just proceed to review our article.

Tools Required


This fix task might be a tiny easier as you only have one manage to problem about. The may also be a little bit trickier together the design is no the very same as the side-by-side handles. Just make sure to work very closely so that you carry out not break any fragile parts during your work-related time.

Step 1 – open up the fridge door in order to gain accessibility to the screws hold the manage in place. Those screws must be in ~ the peak edge of the door if the freezer door manage screws have to be in ~ the bottom edge.

Step 2 – there are only 2 screws hold this manage in place and you need to remove both the them. Climate you must turn the handle around 6 inches far from the fridge door and push that down. This will put the manage in a place so that it have the right to slide turn off the hidden top screw. To eliminate the freezer door handle you push up.

Step 3 – Again, you must clean the surface ar of the door if the handles are off. This keeps her fridge totally free from germs and other contaminants. Usage an all-purpose cleaner and also a soft towel to gain the dirt and also wipe the area dry.

Step 4 – To put the new handle earlier on, simply reverse the removal process placing the optimal of the door manage over the surprise screw and turn ago to the original position.

Step 5 – now line up the screw holes and use your fingers come hand tighten the screws into place. As soon as in a place where they will continue to be on their own, use the driver to tighten the screws and also lock the handle in place.

Replacing damaged fridge door handles should only take a few minutes. The hardest part is just removing the door handle from the surprise screws. However once you have actually done the once, girlfriend should have the ability to do the without any type of further instruction.

The an essential will be to not over tighten the screws. If you do, you run the threat of one of two people stripping the screws or cracked the brand-new door handles. If the happens you one of two people need brand-new screws or another set of new door handles.

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Take your time together this task will walk fast enough as it is and also you want to make sure you gain it right.