When you need your spare tire, the last thing you want is to uncover that you can’t access it bereason you don’t know wbelow the key is to release your spare tire hoist. This have the right to be of certain issue if you have actually a offered Ford F-150 whose original owner lost the essential or faibrought about hand it over in the time of the sale.

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If you’re trying to take out your spare tire only to find you lack the key you require, there’s excellent news. Getting roughly the spare tire lock is an easy process that requires simply a few fundamental automobile repair devices. Follow these actions and you’ll have your spare tire free and also on your truck before you recognize it so you can obtain ago on the road.

1. Gather Your Tools

Before obtaining began, it’s advantageous to gather all the vital devices together so they’re conveniently accessible for accessibility while working on the automobile. When choosing a socket, opt for an inexpensive selection. The removal procedure calls for the socket to contort approximately the lock, so picking a cheaper socket renders it just as straightforward to attain and does not damage your ideal 14 mm socket. To remove your spare tire, you’ll want:

14mm socketExtender, at leastern 2 feetHammerRatchet wrenchFlathead screwdriverCrankBlocks (optional)Jack (optional)

2. Park on a Flat Surface and also Secure the Truck

When removing the spare tire, you will have to strike your devices in a manner that deserve to cause the truck to rock. If you perform not effectively secure the truck, this have the right to cause an accident when it rolls. If possible, park on a flat area. Engage your truck’s parking brake to decrease its ability to roll, and think about utilizing blocks on the tires to better secure your truck, specifically if you decide to elevate the truck.

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3. Secure the Socket to the Lock

To locate the channel to release your spare tire, look for a tiny hole in the rear fender of your truck to the left of the license plate. This hole leads to a tube that will certainly guide your tools to the locking tool. Although the locks provided to secure a Ford F-150 spare tire to the body of the truck are not a perfect complement for a 14 mm socket, they are cshed enough that you have the right to make a conventional 14 mm socket job-related. Attach your socket to as many extenders as you should reach the locking tool.

Using a hammer, gently knock on the various other end of the extfinished device in order to drivethe socket onto the lock. Due to the fact that the shape of the lock is nearly the same as a 14 mm socket, by adding the percussive force of the hammer you deserve to pressure the socket to decreate in order to envelop the lock. You need to check out and feel your extension relocating in past the suggest wright here it initially met resistance.

Securing the socket to the lock must not need extreme force. Start through gentle taps and also increase the power of your blows if essential till you feel the socket latch onto the lock.

4. Crank to Release the Spare Tire

Now that your socket is attached to the locking gadget, you have the right to usage it to release your spare tire. Attach a ratchet to your socket expansion and start cranking. If the socket has actually adhered to the lock, you’ll view the tire begin to lower down. Continue cranking until you have actually fully released the spare tire and also deserve to rerelocate it from under the truck. As you pull out the expansion, you’ll notice that the socket is no much longer attached to your expansion and will have to be retrieved.

5. Raise the Truck if Needed

Before relocating on to the next action, you may select to elevate the rear of your truck, as you’ll must obtain underneath your truck. If you’re able to fit comfortably and also safely under your tailgate without elevating, you have the right to skip this action and also relocate on to clearing the socket.

When elevating the truck, it’s particularly essential to double examine that your truck is firmly secured, both via a parking brake and blocks or various other stabilization tools. Securing your truck before elevating ensures that it will certainly not shake or slip off the jack while you’re underneath, which deserve to be dangerous.

If you’re rerelocating your spare tire, it’s likely that you intend to put it on on your truck ideal now. If that’s the case, make sure to loosen the lug bolts on the tire being rerelocated prior to lifting your truck in order to make it easier to acquire the leverage you must loosen them.

6. Clear the Socket

Once underneath your truck, look to the area where you placed the extension. You should watch a plastic tube running from the bumper to the spare tire real estate. This tubing serves to steer your extension into area when placed and also have the right to be moved out of area by hand also without any type of unique devices. Once removed, look for the socket and also lock on the spare tire real estate. Using your flathead screwdriver, gently pry the socket loose.

7. Raise the Spare Hoist

With the lock assembly removed, your vehicle’s crank should currently be able to raise and reduced the spare without any type of special devices later. If you’re replacing your spare, area it on the spare tire hoist prior to reversing your crank to raise it safely earlier up into the housing. If you have actually not yet purchased your replacement spare tire, ssuggest raise the assembly with no tire to enable for safe driving.

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