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Quick.. How do you reset the computer company engine soon light ~ above a 2001 Blazer... The light just came on once I began it. Truck is to run fine, confirm the gas cap no problem however light is still on... Ns think it""s all this bland snow and also the fact that the temp here in Ohio is -4 deg. I want to reset the computer so I deserve to see if it"ll come ago on before I end up having to take it in.......Thank you

Massillon, residence of the many tigers eh? I job-related down over there from time come time. Possibly we"ll satisfy up someday... Anywho, to reset the "service engine soon" light simply disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable for a few minutes. Bear in mind the you will have to reset her clock and also radio presets after ~ you execute this. Another possibilty if you desire to view what trouble password is stored, take her truck to Autozone. They have the right to pull the codes and reset them because that free. HTH"sMike Campbell
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