Many Hawaiian surname sound almost like lullabies: They have actually beautiful cadence and also flow, rolling turn off the tongue in a melody that vowels and also syllables. In enhancement to their sweet sounds, Hawaiian names likewise carry powerful depth and meaning.

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“Naming children, places and also objects is important due to the fact that a name carries mana , along with the hopes and also dreams of family members members,” defines David J. Wallace — better known by the honorific Kahu Dave — who is a aboriginal Hawaiian healer and also author. “Names can serve as defense from evil or illness, and remind us of who we are and our function in life.”

The meaning behind Hawaiian baby names

Most Hawaiian names, Kahu Dave explains, define things in the organic world. “These metaphors have multiple meanings, recognized as kauna, the can adjust over time, revealing us at different stages that a person’s life,” that says.

Elements of nature are frequently used in Hawaiian infant names encompass ocean (Kai), heaven (Lani), hills (Mauna/Pu’u), water (Kawai) and many more.

“Each facet or combination of aspects will produce a story and brand-new meanings to the brand-new word,” he says. “For example, through pairing Kawai (water) through Lani (heaven) we develop the surname Kawailani.”

Kahu Dave defines that Hawaiian names carry the hopes and also dreams the parents and also ancestors. “It tells a story, choose a hula, through its imagery and hidden interpretations that change over time,” that says. “Since over there is for this reason much an interpretation to a Hawaiian name, gift able to share the story behind your name helps you attach to her ancestors together you prepare you yourself for the future.”

Cultural sensitivity and Hawaiian infant names

For every the transporting beauty and also symbolism behind Hawaiian names, perform be responsibility of sensitivities if you select to give your baby any name outside of your own culture.

“Name appropriation is a kind of cultural appropriation and is something because that white parents to consider when naming your children,” notes Jennifer Moss, the founder and also CEO that and also one of the country’s foremost baby name experts.

“It is taken into consideration offensive for Caucasian parental to usage baby names from cultures that were oppressed, slaughtered or exploited by white people, which includes indigenous Hawaiians,” she says. “It’s specifically egregious to usage names that royalty, tribes or revered persons in a specific culture.”

If non-Hawaiians desire an inoffensive Hawaiian-sounding name, the best, many respectful choice is to usage names produced from western names, Kahu Dave explains. (See examples of this in our perform below.)

To aid inspire your Hawaiian baby name search, us sourced concepts from our experts, and also scoured web page (including come come up v our own curated list of 51 beautiful and unique Hawaiian infant names.

Hawaiian baby names produced from west names

Kawika (kah-WEE-kah) is a Hawaiian kind of David. David is an English name obtained from the Old Hebrew surname “Dodaveha,” which means “beloved the Yahweh.”

Keoki (kee-OH-kee) is a Hawaiian form of George. It method “alive.”

Kaniela (KaaN-iyEHL-AH) is a unisex Hawaiian version of surname Daniel or Daniela. It way “only god is my judge.”

Kiana (key-AN-ah) is the Hawaiian version of Danianne or Diana. It way “divine.”

Mele (MEH-leh) is the Hawaiian equivalent of Maria or Mary, which originates from the Hebrew name Miryam. Multiple interpretations exist, including “wished because that child” or “rebellious.”

Mikaela (mah-KAY-lə) is the Hawaiian version of the Hebrew surname Michelle, meaning “who each other God.”

Peni (PEH-nee) is a Hawaiian derivative that Ben.

Popular and also trending Hawaiian infant names

Kai (KY) is a unisex surname (currently more popular for boys) an interpretation sea. Famous Kais encompass actor Kai Owen and surfer Kai Lenny. It right now stands around the 150th most renowned name in the U.S.

Kaia (KI-uh) is a Hawaiian girl’s name that method “sea.” It’s currently about the 600th most famous U.S. Name, shared by celebs like Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber.

Kaimana (KIE-mah-nah) is a unisex surname (more popular for boys) definition “power the the sea.” In recent years, it has ranked amongst the top 100 most famous boy’s surname in the state. (It’s additionally the name of a beach in Honolulu.)

Kanye (CON-yah) —same spelling as the rapper Kanye West —is a Hawaiian boys’ name definition “free.”

Moana (MOH-ah-na) means ocean or sea. The peaked around the 1,500th most renowned name in 2017, the year after the relax of the Disney movie about the intrepid daughter the a village chief who becomes one herself.

Hawaiian names for girls

Iolana (ee-oh-lahn-ah) means “soaring like a hawk.”

Leilani (LAY-la-knee) is a timeless Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flower.”

Kaena (KAY-ah-na) means “praised” and is also the surname of the westernmost allude of the island of Oahu.

Kakalina (kah-ka-LEE-nah) comes indigenous the surname Katherine. It way “chaste and pure.”

Kamaka (kah-MAH-kah) is a unisex surname (more commonly given come girls) meaning “child” or “eyes.” It’s also the name of an island in French Polynesia.

Kulani (koo-LAH-nee) means “rising towards heaven.”

Halia (ha-LEE-a) means “remembrance that a love one.”

Leimomi (LAY-moh-mee) means “daughter of pearls.”

Malana (Mah-LAY-na) comes native the Polynesian and way “calming, relaxing.”

Mahaelani (mah-heh-LAH-nee) means “dive mist.”

Makana (mah-KAH-nah) means “gift” or “gift native god.”

Noelani (noeh-LAH-nee) means “heavenly mist.” It originates from the surname Noel, i beg your pardon is Latin for “born ~ above Christmas.”

Ona (OH-nuh) means “sweetness.”

Waiola (WIE-oh-lah) is a Hawaiian version of Viola, from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, meaning “violet flower.”

Hawaiian names because that boys

Akamu (UH-ku-mah) means “of the earth.”

Akoni (ah-KOW-Niy) is commonly used in Hawaii, but it comes from Latin. It’s a variant form of the English name Anthony.

Ekewaka (eh-keh-WAH-kah) means “protector or guardian of wealth or wealth.”

Kaipo (KAI-po) is a unisex name (more famous for boys) that means “sweetheart.” Kaepo, Kapo and Kaypo room all variations.

Kale (k-ALE) is pronounced just like the vegetable. It method “man.”

Keon (KEY-on) comes from the Hebrew word because that John. It method “God is gracious.”

Liko (LEE-co) means “bud,” choose the burgeoning flower.

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Nohea (NOH-eh-ah) is a frequently given name meaning “lovely” or “handsome.”

Ori (OR-ee) means “my light.”

Tua (TOO-ah) is a Polynesian name definition “behind or in ~ the back.”

Uluwehi (oo-loo-WEH-hee) conjures lushness and earthiness, definition “flourishing plants.”

Unisex Hawaiian names

Akela (ah-KEH-lah) is the Hawaiian version of Adela and Asher. It method “graceful and noble.”

Aloha (ah-LO-hah), the one word that evokes Hawaii over all others, is a unisex name definition “loving or kindhearted.”

Kahula (kah-HOO-lah) is an older name that means “dancing.”

Kalua (kah-LOO-ah) could be an ideal pick because that a 2nd baby’s surname — due to the fact that the name equates to “the 2nd child.”

Kawai (kah-WIE) means “coming from water.”

Keao (keh-AH-oh) means “the irradiate of day.”

Lanakila (lah-nah-KEE-lah) means “victory.”

Leialoha (LAY-ah-loh-hah) means “darling child.”

Lilo (LEE-low), the name of the main character in Disney’s well-known “Lilo & Stitch” movie, method “one that is generous.”

Lono (LOH-noh) comes from the name of the Hawaiian god of agriculture and rainfall.

Makani (mah-KAH-nee) is a classic Hawaiian name meaning “wind.”

Moani (moh-AH-nee) is a unisex name (currently an ext popular for girls) meaning “breezes the scent.”