Want come know how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Finnish? she in the ideal place. It’s constantly nice to wish someone a happy date of birth on their special day however why not do it in a language that way something come them.As well as wishing her loved one a happy birthday in Finnish, why not likewise sing the Finnish variation of the happy date of birth song! read on to learn much more about this.

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How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Finnish

To wish someone a happy birthday in Finnish, you can say:EnglishFinnishPronunciationHappy birthdayHyvää syntymäpäivääHoo-vaa sun-tum-a-pai-vaa
This is the most common method to great someone a happy date of birth in Finland. To listen the joint of this phrase, inspect out the video clip later ~ above in this post.Alternatively, girlfriend can additionally use some of these phrases:EnglishFinnishPronunciationHappy date of birth (lit. Lots of happiness)Paljon onneaPal-yon on-neaCongratulationsOnneksi olkoonOnn-eksi ol-konCongratulations (alternative) OnneaOn-nea)

How To song Happy date of birth In Finnish

If you want to walk the extra mile for her loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday song in Finnish. You will do it be happy to recognize it’s the exact same tune together the English version, they just sing the in Finnish.Check out the video below to hear the Finnish birthday song, skip to 3:12 for the song. I’ve listed the lyrics listed below so you can sing along.
Here’s the lyrics so you deserve to sing along:“Paljon onnea vaan,paljon onnea vaan,paljon onnea *name*,paljon onnea vaan”This translates to:“Happy date of birth to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday *name*Happy birthday to you!”Thanks for analysis this short article on just how to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Finnish. It’s a good idea to make the initiative to learn how to to speak this in someone’s native language or a language that method something to them.Your loved one or friend will certainly be therefore impressed!Why not likewise learn exactly how to to speak ‘how space you?’ in Finnish? You’ll need this crucial phrase in too many of different situations.Related posts:
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