Talking around your hobbies in is a terrific conversation starter and also icebreaker.

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One the the many perks of discovering is connecting with world from various other cultures and also backgrounds. Sharing about yourself in these bilingual meet is fantastic and genuine chance to do friends and acquaintances through typical interests.


Keep analysis for one insightful lesson on just how to talk around your hobbies and pastimes in and also start the conversation.

What space Your Hobbies in

¿Qué car gusta hacer para divertirte? (What execute you like to execute for fun?)

Everybody has various interests and also is attracted to entertaining tasks that fit their personality. Most human being enjoy these leisurely tasks in their spare time. They also pursue such activities and interests exterior of their skilled or academic activities. This captivating and also attention drawing activities are known as hobbies.

In, hobbies are dubbed pasatiempos or aficiones. Even the Americanism “hobby” is commonly accepted and used by part speakers.

You’ll discover some hobbies have actually an educational focus or enriching goal, while others are simply for entertain purposes, or for maintaining you busy in your complimentary time.


Hobbies enable us to connect with others and administer a an are of lull where usual interests room shared. Gift able come speak around your favorite hobbies in gives you a opportunity to conference like-minded individuals.

Use this perform of concerns to ask around hobbies in

¿Cual es tu pasatiempo favorite?What’s your favorite hobby?

¿Qué car gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?What execute you favor to do in your cost-free time?

¿Qué haces para divertirte?What perform you execute for fun?

¿Qué haces los fines de semana?What carry out you perform on weekends?

¿Tienes algún pasatiempo?Do girlfriend have any hobbies?

Talking around Your Hobbies in

Answering the vault questions and also talking about your pastimes and hobbies in needs you to develop the ideal sentences following grammar rules.


You deserve to use several verbs to suggest your passion and also affinity because that a certain activity or for your favorite hobbies in

interesar (to it is in interested in)gustar (to like)encantar (to love)

You can conjugate these verbs using indirect object pronoun to match the topic in a sentence, no the verb. Their function is to show who is receiving the an outcome of the action—in other words, to who the activity is being done.

Here space the object pronouns in

me – actions for yo (I)te – actions for (you)le – actions because that él, ella and usted (he, she, and formal you)nos – actions for nosotros (us)les – actions for ustedes (them)

These sentences use the sample indirect object pronoun + conjugated verb + object.

Let’s study some examples following this pattern.

Me gusta jugar al golf.I favor to play golf.

Me is the indirect object pronoun for i + gusta is the verb + jugar al golf is the object.

Le interesa aprender español.You space interested in discovering

Le is the indirect thing pronoun for she, he, or friend + interesa is the verb + aprender español is the object.

Nos encantan los videojuegos.We love videogames.

Nos is the indirect object pronoun for us + encantan is the verb for a many subject and also object + los videojuegos are the object.

When you develop this kind of sentence following the pattern through the verbs interesar, gustar, and encantar, you need to use the verbs in the present indicative form. Lock often include an –n in ~ the finish to match a many subject, otherwise it remains the same.

Let’s take a look at even much more sentences so you have the right to see the sentence pattern in action.

Other instance Sentences

Me interesa leer tres libros al mes.I’m interested in reading three publications per month.

Me gusta ir al gimnasio.I choose going to the gym.

A ti dare interesan ras historietas.You are interested in comic books.

A mis hermanos y a mí nos gustan los juegos de mesa.My siblings and also I choose board games.

¿Te gustan los documentales?Do you prefer documentaries?

A mi sobrina y a mí nos encanta colorear.My niece and I love to color.

¿Le interesan las artes marciales?Are girlfriend interested in martial arts?

No me gustan los deportes.I don’t like sports.

¿Les gusta ir de compras?Do you like to walk shopping?

Les encanta tocar la guitarra.They love to play the guitar.

No car gusta ir al cine.You don’t like going to the movies.

Games and also Entertainment

Hobbies are available in a wide variety. There are various hobbies that suit one’s personality, a specific set of skills, or interests. This is a list of fun pastimes and also hobbies in

Going to the movies (Ir al cine)

This is among the best hobbies you have the right to enjoy if you prefer to spend some high quality time with friends and family surrounding by yummy candy, freshly-made popcorn, and also thrilling emotions.

Ir al cine is a wonderful hobby that provides entertainment and also a friendly escape indigenous your day-to-day routine.

Example Phrases

Mi pasatiempo favorito es ir al cine.My favorite hobby is going come the movies.

Nos encanta ir al cine los domingos con mi familial.We love going come the movies on Sundays with my family.

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Binge city hall (Ver maratones de series)

In this day and age, nobody is a stranger come the art of binge watching! The practice of enjoying a maratón de series (marathon that shows) is a common hobby many thanks to the big variety of streaming platforms that enable you come sit through complete seasons and earlier to ago episodes of her favorite shows.

Example Phrases

Me gusta ver maratones de friend los fines de semana.I like binge-watching friend on weekends.

Me interesa ver más maratones de documentales.I’m interested in binge-watching much more documentaries.

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Board games (Juegos de mesa)

Los juegos de mesa space a fun hobby in you deserve to enjoy v others. They encourage healthy competition, strategic thinking, and also teamwork. Los rompecabezas (puzzles), juegos de cartas (card games), and classical gamings like syndicate keep you engaged for hours.

Example Phrases

Mi hobby favorito es jugar a serpientes y escaleras.My favourite hobby is play Shoots and also Ladders.

Nos gusta armar rompecabezas con mis hermanos.We prefer to carry out puzzles v my siblings.


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Watch a Sports game (Ver un partido)

Whether you’re right into futbol (soccer), béisbol (base ball), baloncesto (basketball), or any type of other compete sport; tuning into an interesting live complement is very amusing.


Something around watching a compete gets civilization going and full the excitement. City hall a sporting activities game external of your regime proves to it is in a great pastime

Example Phrases

Me gustó mucho el partido de hockey de ayer.I really delighted in yesterday’s hockey match.

¿Te gusta ver deportes en tu tiempo libre?Do you favor watching sports in your free time?

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Going shopping (Ir de compras)

Ir de compras is a great escape from her day-to-day routine. If you gain trying new clothes or spoiling yourself with new gifts and accessories, acquisition a pilgrimage to the shopping center sounds choose your kind of hobby.


Example Phrases

Nos encanta ir de compras con mis amigas.We love to walk shopping with my friends.

Ir a comprar ropa es mi pasatiempo favorite.Shopping for apparel is my favourite hobby.

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Reading (Leer)

Leer un libro (reading a book) increases your expertise and permits your creative thinking to fly. Publications are available in multiple genres for reader of different ages and levels. As soon as you pick reading together your favorite hobby you also choose to educate yourself.

Example Phrases

Me interesa leer todos los libros de take care of Potter.I’m interested in analysis all the bother Potter books.

Leer es un pasatiempo muy educative.Reading is a highly educational hobby.

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Sports and Fitness

Here’s a perform of sports and also fun fitness tasks in

Skateboarding and Surfing (Patinar y surfear)

Patinar y surfear are thrilling energetic sports that involve performing tricks and also riding a skateboard and surfboard. Both room recreational activities and are done professionally by well-known athletes.

Example Phrases

Te encanta surfear en el mar.You love surfing in the ocean.

Me gusta visitar el parque de patinaje todas ras mañanas.I like to visit the ice scating park every morning.


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Martial arts (Artes marciales)

Las artes marciales are a an excellent hobbie you can practice to stay healthy. Training requires discipline and time. Some well known forms that martial arts are: boxeo (boxing), capoeira, blended martial arts, judo, and kung-fu.

Example Phrases

Me gusta practicar karate.I like to practice karate.

¿Te interesa aprender artes marciales?Are girlfriend interested in discovering martial arts?

Going come the Gym (Ir al gimnasio)

For part people ir al gimnasio deserve to be a challenge, because that others finding that an inspiration is actually fairly simple. Going to the gym is a hobby and also chosen pastime for many. Also when it’s part of their daily routine, that an task that keeps them entertained and engaged in your spare time.

Example Phrases

Me gusta ir al gimnasio todas las noches.I choose to walk to the gym every night.

¿Te interesa meterte al gimnasio conmigo?Are girlfriend interested in going to the gym with me?

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Outdoor Activities

activities which take place in organic environments also have remarkable positive results on ours health and well-being.

Camping (Acampar)

Spending time outside approximately a fire and sleeping under the stars is fantastic hobby to take on. Acampar brings you closer come nature and also is a fun escape native your day-to-day routine.

Example Phrases

Me gusta acampar en parques nacionales.I prefer to camp in national Parks.

¿Te interesa acampar este fin de semana?Are friend interested in camping this weekend?

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Trekking (Senderismo)

El senderismo is the activity of hiking and also walking ~ above nature trails. The function of this manual hobby is come explore and enjoy wilderness ~ above foot.

Example Phrases

El senderismo es un nuevo pasatiempo para mi.Trekking is a brand-new hobby because that me.

Me gusta hacer senderismo en lugares remotos.I enjoy trekking in far places.

Fishing (Pescar)

La pesca (fishing) is a hobby the is practiced in a variety of forms and places. Indigenous pesca con mosca (fly fishing) to pesca deportiva (sports fishing); there’s plenty of choices for the many experienced come beginner fishing enthusiasts.

Example Phrases

A mi abuelo y a mi papá les encanta pescar.My grandpa and my dad love come fish.

¿Vienes a pescar mañana?Are you comes fishing tomorrow?

Skill Hobbies

Skill hobbies space not just fun but additionally beneficial to remain mentally productive.

Sewing and Knitting (Costura y tejido)

Creative hobbies choose la costura y el tejido are appropriate for improving motor an abilities and imagination.

These pastimes allow you to produce from scratch and are guarantee to keep you engaged.

Example Phrases

Uso mi tiempo libre para tejer una bufanda.I usage my preventive time to knit a scarf.

¿Le interesa a tu hija aprender a closer?Is your daughter interested in learning exactly how to sew?

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Baking (Hornear)

Preparing small goods and also sweet delights requires a specific set of skills, but for some people it come naturally. Baking is a fun and also delicious hobby you have the right to share with your family and also friends.

Example Phrases

Mi pasatiempo es hornear galletas de chispas de chocolate.My pastime is baking coco chip cookies.

¿A tus hijas les gusta hornear pasteles?Do your children like to bake cakes?

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Photography (Fotografía)

Enjoying photography together a understand is super accessible for amateurs many thanks to smartphones. You simply need your camera, beautiful settings, and also a good eye because that lighting, focus, and also composition.

Example Phrases

La fotografía es un pasatiempo entretenido.Photography is one entertaining hobby.

¿Te gusta tomar fotos?Do you like to take it photos?

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Learning Is likewise a Hobby

Using your totally free time to learn isn’t simply fun and also insightful, it likewise amplifies your interaction possibilities and prepares you because that smooth travels in countries.

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