ns learned "no mucho" for not much, yet when I saw Spain, i heard "nada mucho" in conversational yellowcomic.com. Particularly in Granada, where many would speak "graNADA mucho" come "What"s up" questions.

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I know "no mucho" means not much, yet is placing "nada" in the front making that sound a little different, just as we would say "nothing much"?

Just wondering.


The expression “nada mucho” does not sound grammar yellowcomic.com for me, however I wouldn"t it is in surprised if the has come to be jargon in Spain.


I"ve never heard that expression gift used, however, there are some other expressions that sound an ext understandable for all yellowcomic.com speakers, for example, "no mucho" or "casi nada"(which literally method almost nothing).


This expression is not suitable yellowcomic.com since "nada" means nothing and "mucho" method a lot. For this reason it seems strange to ar both terms in the exact same phrase.


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