French Sex vocabulary and expressions are supplied all the time in movies. Books don’t sheathe this topic however I think it will be really helpful come adult students to understand French Sex Vocabulary, and know which words not to usage to avoid large faux-pas.

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Of course, this class is intended because that adults: ns don’t great to offend anybody, however there is no reason to create a French lesson around sex if you are not going to be explicit about it. I will also block the comment section for obvious reasons.

1 – how to to speak to have actually Sex and to do Love in French?

The generally used expression is “faire l’amour”, which converts perfectly right into “to make love”.

There are lots of vulgar expressions around it, the most typical one being “baiser” supplied as a verb. This method to fuck, in the physical method as well as the mental one, as with ‘to obtain screwed’. In the case, it is largely used in the verb in the reflex form: “se faire baiser”.

2 – “Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir” = would You favor To have Sex v Me Tonight?

Made renowned by “Lady Marmalade”, this tune lyric is also a very direct pick-up line.

You have no idea how plenty of times a college student naively claimed that to me to present they knew “some” French. Obviously castle didn’t mean it. Still, it’s fairly embarrassing.

So, uneven you desire to asksomeone to have actually sexual intercourse, continue to be away from that line.

“Coucher avec quelqu’un” = to have actually sex v someone “Dormir avec quelqu’un” = to sleep through someone in the very same bed (not sexual)Note the “se coucher” in the reflexive type means to go to bed. Once you to speak goodbye in French, you might say: “bonne nuit! Je vais me coucher”.

3 – French Synonyms because that HavingSex–More or less Vulgar

Here are some French synonyms and also expressions for ‘making love’.

There room of course numerous more, yet I’ll list right here the most used ones, and let you understand whether they are vulgar.

So, we already saw “faire l’amour”, “baiser” and “coucher”…

“S’envoyer en l’air” = literally come send yourself in the air. Common.“Faire des galipettes” = to execute somersaults. Cute.“Tirer un/son coup” = lit: to shoot a blow. Vulgar.“Copuler, s’accoupler” = to copulate. Scientific.“Se taper quelqu’un” = come “do” someone. Vulgar.“Faire crac-crac” = to do “crac crac” (sound) – Cute.“Forniquer “= to fornicate. Old fashioned.“Niquer” = come fuck. Vulgar.“Sauter” = to jump however in context meaning to fuck. Vulgar.“Avoir une relation sexuelle” = to have actually sexual intercourse. Euh… ? Descriptive?

For more, I’ll straight you come wikipedia. Watch the end though that ns personally recognize maybe a 3rd of the expressions detailed there… for this reason it’s fun, but not therefore useful.


7 – how to to speak Boobs in French

Back come a ton that words. “Les Seins (m)” is scientific and the most common term.

“La poitrine” describes “the chest” yet is mistaken for boobs, and also often supplied in the plural: “les poitrines” although the is a mistake.

“Les nichons (m), “les nibards (m)”, “les miches (f)” = vulgar however common.“Les nénés” = very common. A little childish.“Les tétons” = literally the tits, yet used to define the totality breast. Common.“le buste” (bust), “la gorge”(throat) = an ext upscale French. Usual though.

Of course, here again form will administer all surname of fruits… “les oranges”, “les poires” (pears), “les melons” (cantaloupes), “les pastèques” (watermelons), but likewise “les oeufs au plat” (sunny next eggs in French) for smaller sized boobs :-)

For part reason,there are likewise manycar related synonyms : “les airbags”, “les amortisseurs”(shock absorbers), “les pare-chocs” (bumpers)…

8 – just how To Say butt in French

The usual French indigenous for target is “les fesses (f)” = buttlocks.

The vulgar, but mostcommon one is “le cul” – l silent = the ass.

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Common synonyms include:

“Le derrière” = the behind. Old fashioned.“Le postérieur” = the behind. Old fashioned.“L’arrière-train” = the ago train. Old fashioned“Le fion” = ass. Really old fashioned (but also still supplied to explain poultry components like the earlier of a chicken/hen.)

Honestly, we mostly use “les fesses” and also “le cul”.

Watch the end for the French together :

“le cou” = koo sound = the neck“le cul” = ku sound = the ass“les couilles” = koo Y sound = testicules