For mine Spanish class in highschool we are tasked to film a video of oneself demonstrating a sport we like to do. I made decision skateboarding because its the just thing i can show properly.

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From various sources i get various terms for skateboarding and I am not sure what to usage for the video. For some context it's supposed to just sound like a normal conversation to test our fluency, so ns assume the hatchet "monopatín" could be too formal for casual conversation? Some resources say skateboard (with Spanish pronunciation), the others space monopatín and also patineta. Would certainly I additionally need to say "hago skateboard" or "Monopatinaje" when referring come the activity?


Well, I'm costa rican and I've always heard "skateboarding" through spanish pronunciation, together you said. However, depending upon the sentence "andar en patineta" is supplied too, at least here. And also you're right, "monopatín" is also formal; "hago skateboard" is usual too.

ajá digamos que yo en la vida nunca the escuchado "monopatín" xd

aquí en Belén nunca se escucha "skateboarding"... Solo el "andar en patineta". Excepto cuando uno se refiere a los que andan en patineta como "skater", eso sí se escucha entre jóvenes :u

I remember as soon as skateboarding had a huge boom in Mexico during late 90's at an early stage 2000's people would call it "patinaje", the verb gift "patinar". Skateboard in Mexico is "patineta" or in a an ext colloquial way "tabla" (board), however I wouldn't use that word because that a presentation.

"Skatepark" would certainly be "Parque de patinaje", I'm no really sure.

If you want to to speak I do skateboard, I would certainly say "Yo ando en patineta".

In Spain

Skateboard: Monopatín (is not formal is just just how it's called). Patinete or Patín (It sound childish and old fashioned and also can also refer to rollers or kick scooters). You can additionally say "Tabla" (board) or simply "skate" (with the english pronunciation)

Skateboarding: Patinar or ice skating too

Thanks, but then again different human being are informing me various things here...

I'm afraid if ns say anything with an English joint I'll get marked down. I'm gonna stick with your advice though as I found most translations describe patinete as simply skated in general? I followed the Wikipedia web page also.

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