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What room your most typically used native lately? Mine room ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ since I have actually been enjoy it pretty feather weather outside, heat sunshine on mine face, and most that all, beautiful feather blossoms here and also there. This short article is around how come say ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful in Korean.

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You will often hear this two oriental words, ‘예쁘다’ and ‘ 아름답다’ from korean speakers. You can use them to define your favorite korean celebrity, to enhance someone approximately you, or to simply describe something that make friend happy due to the fact that it is nice or beautiful.

A word, ‘ 예쁘다’ way pretty in English. ‘예쁘다’ is a basic adjective form in Korean, and also you can use them in three different ways, together follows:

예쁩니다 (pretty) – formal

예뻐요 (pretty) – polite

예뻐 (pretty) – casual

If you have actually been attracted to spring blossoms and also their vibrant colors, as I have, girlfriend can definitely use ‘예쁘다’ to define your favourite flowers. You can also use ‘예쁘다’ to match your friends and also coworkers, or explain something pretty approximately you.


4. 분홍색 진달래가 예쁩니다. (Pink azaleas room pretty.) – formal

5. 정말 예뻐요. (It’s yes, really pretty.) – polite

6. 눈이 예뻐. (Eyes space pretty.) – casual

A word, ‘아름답다’ method beautiful in English. ‘아름답다’ is a simple adjective form in Korean, and also you can use the in three different ways, together follows:

7. 아름답습니다 (beautiful) – formal

8. 아름다워요 (beautiful) – polite

9. 아름다워 (beautiful) – casual

This oriental word, ‘아름답다’ would certainly be a helpful word for you to remember: to explain beautiful people about you or to discuss your favourite K-entertainer who is beautiful, to explain beautiful scenery in Korea, or merely talk about something beautiful about you.

10. 제주도가 아름답습니다. (The Jeju island is beautiful.) – formal

11. 목소리가 아름다워요. (Voice is beautiful.) – polite

12. 에이핑크 손나은 정말 아름다워. (Apink kid Na-eun is really beatutiful.) – casual

I hope you have appreciated reading this post and soon will certainly be prepared to usage these two korean words, ‘예쁘다’ and ‘ 아름답다’ to enhance people around you or simply describe pretty/beautiful things about you in Korean.

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