So you acquired a high score in your favorite Android game and also now you want to brag around it to your friends?

Why no snap a screenshot to share the glory?

LG has remained in the Android smartphones sector for rather some time now and also the LG Optimus was LG’s effort at targeting the phablet market. Released in the center of critical year, the LG Optimus is a excellent HD Android device, special a 1080p display and also a Quad-core processor. This powerhouse can run practically all the HD games and apps easily accessible on the Google beat store.

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While the screen is gorgeous, you might want to take part screenshots of her phone’s display. Even if it is you desire to catch in-game or in-app images or you just want come share something on your display screen with friends, catching screenshots ~ above the LG Optimus is extremely easy and you have the right to take screenshots in simply a couple of seconds. Here are the approaches so your deserve to learn just how to screenshot on Lg Optimus.

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Method 1: Default Method

This is the default means of acquisition screenshots on most Android devices and this an approach should also work with various other Optimus devices. Friend don’t should install any third party apps and you’ll have the ability to take screenshots in a pair of seconds.

Step 1

Go to the display screen that you want to capture on her device.

Step 2

While ~ above the preferred screen, organize the Volume Down and also the Power button simultaneously till you hear a camera shutter sound. That’s it! girlfriend will likewise get a display screen Captured notification and you deserve to open the picture either v the an alert or from your Gallery app.


Step 3

Go to the display screen that you desire to capture.

Step 4

Use the one of the trigger methods the you selected earlier for catching the screenshot. You’ll hear a camera shutter sound when the screenshot is taken, which will be available from the Gallery app in your device.


The LG Optimus is certainly a premium machine from LG, competing versus some the the best phones including the Galaxy S4 and the Xperia Z. There is no doubt that the screen looks incredible however you have the right to only gain it when you space using the device. However, friend can easily share your screens with others or can catch a high score in a video game by acquisition screenshots on your device. You could even try using several of the optimal screenshot apps and also then modifying your shots to share through others.

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The default method of taking screenshots is clear the easiest and also most reliable method of recording screenshots on your LG Optimus, however, if you’re looking for something an intricate or interesting, then you have the right to use the 3rd party apps stated above. Whichever technique you choose, make sure that you follow the instructions come learn exactly how to screenshot top top Lg Optimus, and feel free to ask any questions below.