I know this was posted years ago but I have actually THE solution I legit made an account just to answer to this post. YOU need A solution UPDATE the came with the 2.50 update I currently have a 2.30 to inspect which one you have actually click second and then + click 1:About and it need to say which one you have 

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Guys, don"t recognize if anyone else has this problem but on mine TI-84 plus i can"t scroll up to see past calculations. IS over there anyway to solve this stroked nerves problem?


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I"d imply asking her math teacher actually. Our HL math teacher appears to it is in a complete genius through his calculators...

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Ask your teacher, together Drake Glau said.

If your teacher doesn"t know exactly how to fix it, call the TI calculators product support.

This is the attach for contacting TI: http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/nonProductSingle/support_contact.html

I dont think the can, I have this problem like every day. Friend could shot pressing alpha up, yet theres yes, really not lot you deserve to do around it.

This is a architecture flaw in both the TI 83 and also 84

You deserve to press second + go into to go up one heat in your history. Save pressing second + get in to go further back.

There"s also a means to usage the arrowhead keys come navigate, but this is a simpler solution if you don"t desire to update your software.

Anyone know how to deter the calculator from round off off to 1 once working out probabilities. The probability would have actually been very huge 0.999999221231 or something, but is over there any means to make sure the calculator won"t ring off?

Stuffed me increase in a mock.....

edit: nevermind i was making use of the calculator wrong....

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Can anyone describe how to plot x against y top top a calculator to acquire quadratic equation ? I median literally action by step beginning from turning IT-84 on. I just know exactly how to draw a role when I understand the equation, but I only have x and also y and I require to find quadratic equation.

I go into CALC-QaudRegression and also then ns stuck since there is nothing on the screen. I know that the display screen must be through x and also y and I don"t it seems to be ~ to find how to get there.

I"d indicate asking your math teacher actually. Ours HL mathematics teacher seems to be a complete genius with his calculators...

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I recognize this to be posted years ago but I have actually THE equipment I legit do an account just to reply to this post. YOU need A solution UPDATE that came with the 2.50 upgrade I right now have a 2.30 to examine which one you have click 2nd and climate + click 1:About and it have to say which one girlfriend have 

I legit do this account to answer to you. Give thanks to YOU very MUCH FOR your HELP!!!! your initiatives did no go come waste. Have actually a good day!

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