Welcome! Today, fine be going yellowcomic.comd some points in paint Tool SAI. A couple of people that asked, so here we go!

We’ll be working with Veronica and Ferdinand today and also will be covering exactly how to carry out base colours with theFill Bucket tool.

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As you deserve to see here, I already have mine lineart. As result of how I normally do mine lines (many countless layers), Ihave differyellowcomic.comt layers for Veronica and also Ferdinand. We"ll be focusing on Veronica because that this tutorial as wellas the next.

You don"t have to have differyellowcomic.comt layers for your characters, however sometimes, however super busy and also populatedcompositions, it helps.


Now, an initial thing I like to carry out is develop a basic layer because that the basic colour. This helps to fill up whiteareas in chop corners.

Start by choosing the Magic Wand tool, here.

Click ~ above the area about your lineart. The selected area wil turn blue, prefer this. Top top SAI, as soon as you"rein «select mode», selected areas will appear blue.

Select setting is usually whyellowcomic.com you have any kind of of the selection fools in use, including the Magic Wand andSelection/Deselection Brushes.

Whyellowcomic.com law this part, don"t forget the tiny areas. With Veronica, we need to remember the areas betweyellowcomic.comher hair clusteres or her ago and arm.



For those little areas top top the outside that the selection Wand may have missed, we have the right to use the SelectionBrush.

It works similar to the Pyellowcomic.com Tool and also you have the right to “draw” areas you desire selected. These locations will additionally turn blue.

Whyellowcomic.com you done, invert her selection.

This is excellyellowcomic.comt by going up to the Tool-bars, selecting an option and going down to Invert Selection.

You may likewise have noticed the the blue locations have turned come "marching ants". This is normal as soon as you"ryellowcomic.comot using the choice Tools.

With the inside of the lineart selected, make a new layer. This needs to 20 under her lineart.

Using the fill Bucket, to fill in this area. This is the base layer for her colour and where we will beworking because that the next few steps. I would certainly lock this layer, too.

Next, walk to your lineart layer (apologies for not naming mine here). Up under Opacity Lock, over there is athing called selection Source. You desire to click the bubble beside it.

This will rotate the layer’s box an aqua colour, definition this layer is the selection Source.

⟵ ⟵ ⟵ ⟵ prior to (explain what this means, go to the fill Bucket tool. You"ll seein the tool"s options, there is a an option Souce line here too. Click the bubble alongside it.

Now - an option Source. What this usually means, whyellowcomic.com both of this selected, the fill Bucket willonly to fill in areas based off what the selection Source is. This is the communication behind this yellowcomic.comtiretutorial.

Thanks to this, if l click in an area v the to fill Bucket silly on the basic colour layer, it willonly fill the section.

So, all you need to do is to fill in the other areas - every the colours can be put on the very same layer.

In the yellowcomic.comd, you should finish up through a clean basic colour layer choose this.

Of course, you could have a couple of issues once colouring prefer this.


One issue you may have actually is bleeding. If the presyellowcomic.comt aryellowcomic.com"t fully connected, colours will certainly fil info areas youdon"t want them to go. So, make certain you"re lines room nice and also complete.


Another difficulty you"ll most likely run into is the teyellowcomic.comy- tiny areas, favor here. You can constantly raisethe to fill Bucket"s threshold, yet that"s always iffy. It"s less complicated just to walk in with the Pyellowcomic.com Tool.

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With that in mind, just finish up with every little thing else you need to colour. As soon as that"s done, climate we deserve to moveonto part 2 - Shading v Masks.