You’re emailing someone and you hit send before the assignment check, ugh. Nouns, adverbs, adjective — the totality English language is full of pitfalls of not correct spelling, but grammar crashes can be a huge barrier to interacting as a professional. 

As a sales professional who continuous interacts with people, there’s large room for error. 

And while patterns are always evolving in the sales industry, one thing stays timeless: the practice of sending out a follow-up say thanks to you note to potential clients after meeting.

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In fact, not expressing gratitude for someone’s time is a large mistake come make once networking. Sending a say thanks to you note, whether by hand, email, or leaving a message, is the best way to display your appreciation. Not checking grammar and spelling here is likewise a big mistake. 

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Is the Spelled “Greatful” or “Grateful”? 

So she most likely to express gift greatful vs. Grateful at some suggest — therefore which one is it? 

We’ll execute you a solid and tell you the “grateful” is the correct word and also greatful is in reality a common misspelling. 

Grateful has actually its word origins in Latin gratus, which way ‘for thanks’. And here in sales, gift grateful way a lot to the world who take the time to connect with you. 


How to compose a Grateful give thanks to You Note

We’ll even go a action further and also give you an example of what a say thanks to you letter need to look like. 

Address the human being with the correct titles and spellingThank castle for their time and also effort Give part details top top what friend valued about the conversation or actionSay thanks again and include on a suggestion for what you desire them to perform next: talk again, send samples, attach you to who else, etc.

Here is an example: 

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for taking the moment out of her day come sit down and also talk with me. I delighted in learning around your this firm needs. The story around your founders was really interesting. I hope to talk again soon and also would love to publication a follow up with you next week. 

Thank you again!



Above is a basic example, feel totally free to customize it. Additionally here are some do’s and also don’ts on give thanks to you notes:

Don’t wait too long to send that — exact same day is bestDo be actual in what friend sayDo be direct and keep it shortDon’t forget exactly how to order grateful!
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Other Words come Use when You’re feeling Grateful 

Getting ailing of making use of the very same words in your say thanks to you notes? below are some great synonyms for grateful:

Thankful Obliged AppreciativePleased

How Can aid You monitor Up through a give thanks to You Note

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