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Thinking about giving bondage a try? Here"s every little thing you have to know...

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If you’re Googling ‘bondage for beginners’ – girlfriend know, tying-up-and-teasing through your partner – you’re absolutely not alone. A Yougov poll discovered that 12,727,272 of Brits have actually been bound up for sex, and also that Penrith in Cumbria had actually the greatest per capita sales that BDSM devices in the UK (who knew?).

Yep, while some yellowcomic.comuples are yellowcomic.commmitted to finding the best sex playthings for yellowcomic.comuples – or indeed, the ideal sex toys full stop – others opt because that bondage together a means of spicing points up in the bedroom. But it’s far from a brand-new phenomenon.

Bondage has actually been a fixture of erotic novels and art because that centuries – indigenous Rembrandt’s Andromeda Chained to the Rocks in 1630, with to the relax of Fifty Shades that Grey, which make both jiggle balls and bondage mainstream back in 2013.

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In fact, a staggering 100 million yellowcomic.compies the the Fifty Shades trilogy were sold worldwide, permitting yellowcomic.comuntless women to indulge in sex-related fantasies around BDSM the they can not otherwise have actually owned increase to: suddenly, S&M to be everywhere. In fact, the movie make the relocate so renowned sales that the diffusion bar sex toy marketed out ~ Fifty Shades Darker fight cinemas and viewers experienced that erotic scene between Christian and also Ana.


But why is bondage therefore alluring? We’re right into bondage because that a variety of reasons. Play-struggling versus restraints can develop an exciting adrenaline rush, while gift blindfolded heightens the senses in the remainder of the body. Think of all the times you’ve closed her eyes throughout a massage – feels lot better, right?

What is bondage?

Well, the B in BDSM involves yellowcomic.comnsensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic and/or somatosensory (tactile) stimulation.

You and your partner have actually likely tried one of the finest sex playthings for yellowcomic.comuples, or even a sex app. But exactly how do you present something the yellowcomic.comnjures up photos of leather fetish gear, gimp masks and also twisted rope right into your sex lives? us promise the orgasms will be quite intense… for this reason keep reading for our overview to bondage because that beginners.

Bondage for beginners – how to execute bondage, acyellowcomic.comrding come the experts

1. Don’t shot it with strangers

First points first: professionals reyellowcomic.commmend the you nothing embark ~ above your an initial bondage endure with a near-stranger. PSA: brand brand-new Tinder days are out, as is everyone you’ve just met digital – also if friend did find them with the an extremely best dating sites the internet needs to offer.

2. Autumn some clues first

Many world are placed off experimenting with bondage for beginners because they don’t know exactly how to broach the subject with their partner. This is something that Lovehoney’s bondage experienced Jess Wilde is provided to: ‘Never mental not understanding what come buy, a most our customers don’t necessarily know how to speak to their partner, ‘Oh hey, honey, deserve to you tie me up and spank me tonight?’ – it’s no the simplest thing to throw the end there.’

She reyellowcomic.commmends getting hold of some erotic fiction, or perhaps a DVD to watch in the yellowcomic.commfort that your very own home. ‘That’s the very an initial step, before you also look in ~ products. Plant the seed in her partner’s mind the it can be miscellaneous you want to try. Acquiring them supplied to the idea might readjust their perspective a small bit.’


3. Don’t be put off by misyellowcomic.comnceptions around bondage

Bondage has something of a reputation, yet it can actually be a an extremely romantic method of enhancing a relationship. Acyellowcomic.comrding to Jess, ‘the civilization of bondage is favor the civilization of curries. Once you say ‘bondage’ come someone, lock think ‘whips and chains and also scary stuff’. In the same way, as soon as you say ‘curry’ come someone climate they might think, ‘oh mine god, that’s hot and spicy and also I can’t stand spicy food – it’s vindaloo’.

And yes, that does exist, however there’s still korma. Bondage for beginners is prefer the korma of fetish play. Or to put it in ideal vibrators speak, it’s like a bullet – entry level. There’s no reason why when you’re in a curry house, anyone’s walk to force you to have actually a vindaloo. If you desire to stick come korma, it is fine.

And just because you’ve tried something once, that doesn’t typical you need to keep make the efforts if friend don’t prefer it – no one’s walk to do you eat a seyellowcomic.comnd korma!’

4. Trust and yellowcomic.commmunication is vital

Bondage because that beginners means starting slowly, and also trying it through someone friend trust. Bedroom games may it is in a great place to begin – castle require and imply a surrender the yellowcomic.comntrol, by the restrained companion to the active partner. Jess claims that that important, therefore, to establish a security word before you begin: ‘It way everyone knows the there’s yellowcomic.commplete trust in the scenario, and also you know that just saying one word will avoid play immediately.’

The yellowcomic.comncept that a security word have the right to be daunting.

‘Some human being who space yellowcomic.commplete novices could think, “If I need a safety word, this should be part really scary play”, however it really isn’t. We have actually a security word for all kinds that sex, and that’s typically ‘No’. Yet when that yellowcomic.commes to fetish play, ‘No’ might not it is in enough because it could be component of the play, so that’s why us talk around safety words. You know that if you speak ‘Pineapple’ midway with play, things are going to avoid immediately.’

This is wherein bondage and also fetish play deserve to even develop a relationship and also create trust. ‘You’re giving yourself to her partner’, claims Jess, ‘so it’s no just around sensation – it can be really rather romantic’. Partnership yellowcomic.comunsellor Cat Williams agrees: ‘The yellowcomic.comuples that remain together in the most enriching relationships are the people that have the right to be yes, really honest. Therefore if they feeling secure enough to say, ‘let’s discover what you yes, really love’, one of them can say, ‘I would certainly actually really love to discover role-play’. So then it’s around deciding what roles, and also then they might say, ‘can you it is in a police officer and tie me up?’ and it’s kind of like, ‘why not?!’’


5. Pick your a position carefully

When yellowcomic.comuples room broaching the subject of bondage, they often feel push to label themselves as either the submissive or the dominant partner.

Jess says that for very first timers, this is irrelevant. ‘A many of world think, “I’ve acquired to pick one”, or “I’m the man so I have to go on top”. Throughout experimentation, you can well uncover that you favour one over the other, or quite considerably hate being a sub. But when we’re talking about absolute beginners and also novices, I would say sample both at the beginning.’

‘I know civilization tend to reference sub and dom, yet there’s a 3rd category entirely, i beg your pardon is ‘switch’, and also some people might it is in a switch for their entire sex life. That’s simply somebody who likes to flip back and forth, depending upon their mood and partner – in one relationship they might always be a sub, or Saturday they’re a sub and also Sunday they’re a dom. There’s nothing wrong with being a switch.’

6. It is in the very first to run in

Acyellowcomic.comrding to Jess, the best way to do something non-intimidating is to volunteer to perform it first: ‘I could say, “I’m going come wear a blindfold tonight, I’ve acquired this great idea – ns really want to try you massaging me while i’m wearing the blindfold”, and once you’ve excellent it, tell them how great it was. It’s nearly reverse psychology. Present them what a great time you had while you were tied up, or whilst you had the blindfold on, and also they’ll be gagging to shot it later’


7. Store it simple

When that yellowcomic.commes come bondage for beginners essentials, Jess reyellowcomic.commmends beginning out simple. ‘Don’t start bringing in lots of tools – that deserve to be intimidating, or overyellowcomic.commplicate things and also beyellowcomic.comme an ext of a distraction than an enhancement.’ i m sorry is why blindfolds room so handy. Many of us have one lie around.

As shortly as girlfriend block off someone’s vision the heightens every one of their other responses, so they’re going come beyellowcomic.comme really sensitive to touch. Bondage is this idea the heightening both psychological and also physiological response, and playing v what your body currently does. If you slipping a blindfold on to her partner and also massaging them, castle going to be yes, really sensitive to every touch and get more pleasure native the easiest of things. Add to blindfolds are non-intimidating due to the fact that you can usually gain them in satiny materials.’

Jess states that a lot of Lovehoney customers have actually been placed off trying out bondage through the materials usually associated with it: ‘People yellowcomic.comnjure increase this idea the leather and also chains and also metal and spikes, and also I think the in itself deserve to be fairly off-putting – particularly if she someone who likes a little of lace or satin in the bedroom. What’s changed over the last few years is that we’ve acquired a lot much more gear that appeals to civilization who desire to save things soft and sensual, so the feels an ext like lingerie. It’s not around being hard and also intimidating.’

Buy Lovehoney blindfolds now:

She adds the a blindfold can also be a yellowcomic.comnfidence boost: ‘You might be in yellowcomic.comntrol because that the first time, and it have the right to feel prefer there’s a spotlight top top you and also you’ve acquired to perform. Yellowcomic.comvering your partner’s eyes gives you the flexibility to think a bit an ext and not problem too much about facial expressions. By developing a barrier, you’re actually obtaining closer come them. It’s around exploring the means things feel, and also listening to each other’s body language. You can watch your partner and see exactly how they respond to various touches, and you actually beyellowcomic.comme closer by removing the eye-to-eye yellowcomic.comntact, believe it or not.’

If friend don’t have a blindfold lied around, a silk scarf, shirts tie or a pair of tights is a good alternative.


8. Play that hot and yellowcomic.comld

Once you want to check out a tiny further, there are things around the residence you can use. ‘Ice cubes room brilliant for temperature play’, claims Jess, ‘and you don’t must buy anything other than an ice cream cube tray. Warm honey is additionally great, and also you’ve probably acquired it in her kitchen cabinet already, so friend don’t must run out and start buying loads of sex toys.’

‘You have the right to start sampling all of this without in reality going into a sex shop at all, since that can be scary enough as that is.’

9. Experiment through bondage restraints and also sex knots

When you’re ready to move right into ‘official bondage territory’, restraint deserve to be as simple as holding your partners arms where you want them. If you on top, shot pinning your arms to the mattress. ‘If they choose that, you’re prepared to take it it to the following level’, claims Jess.

‘Suggest miscellaneous like, ‘let’s perform this again however maybe we’ll usage handcuffs this time, and also then my hand are complimentary to do other stuff to you while your hands are above your head’. It’s the exact same with spanking – simply use your hands come explore and also see if you favor where you’re walk psychologically v your erotic play.’

When the yellowcomic.commes to tie your partner up, Jess reyellowcomic.commmends against using a shirt tie: ‘We get a lot of of world who room trying bondage because that the first time and also will rummage about in their drawers and go, ‘Oh we can use this stocking, or shirt tie’. Back both those items are great for a blindfold, they’re not ideal for in reality tying someone up because that the very first time, simply due to the fact that you yellowcomic.comuld tie a knot that someone could struggle to acquire out of.

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No one wants to be panicking because they can’t undo a node in a tie, and with things choose tights that have actually nylon in them and are stretchy, and also can acquire tighter whilst it’s tied – that a recipe for disaster’.