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Every time I open my door in a dark area, my internal lights come on and also I feel exposed lol. In every auto I"ve had actually before, I had actually a an approach to prevent internal lights from turning on once I open the door, yet I can"t it seems ~ to find it on mine "16 Escape. I"ve read some points where human being suggest pulling the fuse yet that"s not really what i want. I still desire to be able to turn them on if I require light for some reason. Also saw some posts about wiring your own switch, but they to be talking around older model escapes. Ns haven"t checked out anyone talk about this worry in regards to more recent escapes.Anyone have any kind of suggestions? i love mine escape so far however this quirky trouble is really obtaining on my nerves.

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I"ve in reality tried the dimmer buttons yet they don"t seem to do anything? I in reality asked this inquiry at the dealer before I purchase the car and they couldn"t even figure it out.

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Every time I open up my door in a dark area, my interior lights come on and also I feel exposed lol. In every auto I"ve had actually before, I had actually a an approach to prevent inner lights from transforming on once I open up the door, yet I can"t it seems ~ to uncover it on mine "16 Escape...

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Hello EscapingMyProblems,I take it a peek at the "2016 Owner"s Manual" and found some info in regards to the "Illuminated Entry." The internal lamps and select exterior lamps will certainly illuminate once you unlock the doors with the far entry system. The illuminated entry system will revolve off the lamp if: You begin your vehicle, you push the remote manage lock button, or ~ 25 seconds of illumination. The lights will certainly not rotate off if: You turn them on with the lamp control, or any type of door is open. This info is situated on page, 58. You can also accessibility the owner"s hands-on online, here. Ns didn"t see an option to turn this function off.I hope this helps, and also have a an excellent day!

over there is very likely to be a method to change this behavior by programming the SJB. I had actually something comparable done on my 2012 Escape. If Ford selling Escapes for use as police vehicles, they need to have a method to store all the lights off when they"re no wanted.
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