Are you bored and also want to make brand-new friends? We obtained just the right app for you. It allows you attach with world in a manner the you can interact with lock easily. Your privacy is taken care of, and more importantly, you gain to know new people by utilizing this application. If you room looking forward to making new friends, this is the ideal choice.

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Meetme app – finish Guide


Meetme is a contemporary social media tool that lets you find people, connect with them and also chat v them. The main point is, it’s fun, friendly and obtainable for everyone. Although the is a free app, girlfriend can also avail the Meetme+, a premium subscription to Meetme that costs you $7.99 per month. For 3 months, it will cost you $17.99, and the six-month package is $29.99.

For all the subscriptions, payments will be charged to her iTunes account at check of purchase. When your subscription expires, the will automatically renew the very same amount as your initial subscription uneven the auto subscription is off 24 hours prior to expiring the existing subscription. So the is much better to rotate off auto subscriptions from settings.

You should subscribe new subscription prior to 24 hrs of the current subscription expiry. You can control your subscriptions easily and also turn turn off auto subscriptions if you desire to by switching off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. Once you subscribe to any of the subscription packages, you cannot cancel the subscription.

How To use Meetme App?

it’s pretty straightforward to use this app. Friend can create your account once you have downloaded the app. Friend can create your account utilizing Gmail, or you can directly attach with your on facebook account. As soon as you room done through registering, you are all collection to step up in the Meetme app. Currently there are multiple functions in the app accessible that you deserve to use. 

You can upload images, consisting of profile photos and ideas you want to share on your member profile. You can include on her user info that tells around gender, birth date, and country. Moreover, you likewise can add preferences favor save location, gender preference, physical specs, children, marital status, interests, longest relationship, religion, profession e.t.c. 

Set her profile tags favor headlines, descriptions, interests, and also things that explain you a little as it makes your account customized. There is also a attribute of misc profile questions, include interesting facts or other info that most people may not know about you. In addition, you deserve to search and view the Meetme database to easily view the member’s profiles the you would choose to meet. 

There is additionally a function known as favorites and viewed by you come elevate your user experience. It allows you to set the profiles as your favorite in who you have actually an interest. You will be great to understand that you can see which member perceived your profile. You can likewise find your secret admirers with the equivalent tool. The tools mentioned over and functions are the ones the you deserve to use by installation the Meetme app.

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How To write-up On Meetme?

If posting and discussions are your things, however you don’t know how to post on Meetme, girlfriend will uncover the complying with steps yes, really helpful:

Open the app and also tap ~ above the discussion icon. Write whatever you desire in the discussion box. Post it and also start a discussion with people You can likewise comment on various other people’s articles in the conversation section.

How To adjust Age on Meetme App?

the not possible to readjust your age on the Meetme app. Although you have the right to log in native the Meetme app web browser, the will just let you adjust your birth date once. Once your date of bear is changed, you cannot adjust it again. 

You can adjust it by following the steps:

Open your profile, go to setting and pick the personal tab. From there, you can change your day of birth yet only once.

It is ideal to carry out your correct information such together name, date of birth, gender, and also other personal details exactly in the first place. It keeps you out of trouble and ensures the you don’t have to update many an extensive changes in the future. Hence providing the correct data is essential.


How To make Money ~ above Meetme?

You have the right to make money by making use of the Meetme app. The accomplish me ambassador program lets you earn. You can easily make money by streaming through them online. If her streaming is of high quality content, much more people will be attractive to it, which brings you a possibility to make a the majority of money. 

You can additionally invite and recruit more people to sign up with you in the stream. That will likewise increase your possibilities of earning much more with the Meetme ambassador program. If her stream content is of quality and also engaging, then the possibilities are to knife more. The optimal streamers top top Meetme space making over more than $100 per hour.

People additionally tend to send different gifts to their favorite streamers, and you can additionally get bonuses the are also a way of earning v Meetme. All you need is the appropriate quality and also engaging contents that can attract much more people to your stream.

How To find For friend On Meetme App?

It was possible a year ago to search world on Meetme, yet sadly, Meetme gotten rid of this feature recently. It likewise lets you engaged with human being who friend don’t know. This feature allowed you come search and discover brand-new people.

So, let’s find out how human being used to find for girlfriend on the Meetme app:

Click top top the search bar. Write the surname of her friend.Tap on the find icon.Multiple ids will certainly appear, and also if your friend has actually a Meetme account, you’ll discover them.If you are yet unable to discover them, try searching through their phone number. You can also filter the end your girlfriend by utilizing location and age.

Since this feature is now no an ext available, you have to use a third-party app to search for human being on Meetme. Cocofinder is a third-party app that allows you search human being on Meetme, similar to the consistent search option easily accessible for browsing on Meetme. It have the right to be a convenient and valuable tool because that you. 

If you space using Cocofinder to find for who on Meetme, every you have to do is walk to the Cocofinder webpage. 

How come Unblock someone On Meetme?

It’s pretty simple to unblock a person on Meetme if you’ve blocked them by failure or if you want to unblock someone important. Blocking is crucial feature, especially on social websites prefer Meetme. You need a blocking part to block civilization who are troubling you or leading to you problems. If blocking is done by mistake, climate there is additionally unblocking attribute available.

You need to open up your Meetme app. Then walk to your profile and also select Settings. Then you should open privacy and also content. It would assist if friend tapped top top what user I’ve blocked. Next, tap on that profile come unblock the user. Lastly, you must confirm that whether you want to unblock that user or not. 

How To gain Diamonds on Meetme?

Diamonds are like the virtual money on Meetme. Friend can acquire diamonds when you space streaming, as your viewers have the right to send friend diamonds. The diamonds indigenous viewers are sent in the type of gifts. These diamonds are just like the online money girlfriend earn through your streaming and other Meetme application activities.

You can likewise earn diamonds top top Meetme if her friend or user friend on Meetme sent out you a diamond together a gift. Moreover, third-party apps permit you to do diamonds by installation them and running castle on her phone. Return this is against the policy of Meetme, civilization are still making use of these apps for your benefit.

How To gain V.I.P argorial On Meetme?

This badge is part of the ladder top top Meetme for the streamer. As the Meetme streamer starts come grow and his audience starts come increase due to his engaging skills with people, his level also rises. The level boosts with the increasing audience and also engaging more people in your streaming.

The streamer level’s bespeak goes increase from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and also further this tier go up. Freshly the Meetme app has presented the V.I.P. Argorial for their excellent and also high world engaging streamers. It would certainly be finest if friend were much better than other streamers in engaging a many of world by providing them high quality content. 

These level-ups and also badges’ vital purpose is to unlock plenty of tools that other streamers don’t have except for those having actually the exact same badge together yours. It likewise helps friend unlock numerous bonuses and other streaming features. It is nice tempting because that the streamers together they want to level approximately acquire an ext tools.

Recently, a brand-new feature, V.I.P. Title are introduced by Meetme. It increases your present V.I.P. Routine to much better reward and also incentivizes top gift-givers. Let’s find out just how you can obtain these amazing badges.

Stream frequently and engage her audience. Try to produce compelling contents for your audience.The frequent and also compelling streaming help you knife “streamer points.” Now, girlfriend will progress from newbie to every the way up come gold. These will unlock different levels, masks, and bonuses, including the V.I.P. Badge. 

 Now the live streaming viewers have the right to receive presents from the mini-profiles together well. This advantage previously was only easily accessible to streamers. The firm is working its ideal to do this feature available to every users.

How come Delete Meetme Account?

If you room using Meetme because that a long time and don’t want to use it anymore due to the fact that you are bored through it, climate you should think about taking a break from the for some time. It is best to prevent using the application for some days and also then get back to it. If it’s since you don’t find countless things to execute on it, then you have to search for its brand-new features and how to usage them.

It is ideal to consider deactivating your account for part time if you desire to hide her account or don’t desire to use it anymore. If you directly opt to delete your account, you have to keep in mind that your account can not be recovered when deleted, and also you will shed your data forever.

For deactivating, walk to Meetme website.Then log in in with your email and also password. Click ~ above the settings button in the peak right-hand corner of the page and also select Account indigenous the optimal drop-down menu. Now a new window will appear in prior of you. Now all you require is to click deactivate mine account.

If you’ve lastly made your mind around deleting your Meetme account, climate follow the below-given steps: 

Open your Meetme app and also select Account from the optimal drop-down menu. Now search for the delete mine account choice in the drop-down menu and delete her account. You can also search for just how to delete my Meetme account ~ above the internet; you’ll discover a webpage the will straight delete it as you log in.

How To call Meetme?

There are many ways the contacting Meetme. If friend live in California, you deserve to visit them in ~ 100 Union Square Drive, brand-new Hope, PA 18938. If you desire to contact them with Email, then you can mail them at support
. Girlfriend can likewise contact them through a contact on 866 217 8131

You would certainly probably have the ability to send them 2 requests per year if you desire to call them. So you must keep in mind to call them wisely and also genuinely if girlfriend are having a problem. Do not ping them for useless and also non-serious questions. It’s better to contact them as soon as you find some obstacles in utilizing Meetme.

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The contact provided by the Meetme app is for you to contact them if you need their help. However, all the things are already given on their website. Mean you don’t recognize their privacy policy or user manual. In the case, the is much better to contact them at their given address or the email address and number listed to you and also mentioned above.