Note: The driver’s door deserve to be unlockedwith the key. This demands to be supplied if theremote regulate or keyless entrance is notfunctioning.

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Note: central locking also locks andunlocks the fuel filler flap.

Double locking


Do no activate dual locking whenpersons or animals are within thevehicle. You will not it is in able tounlock the doors native the inside if youhave dual locked them.


Convertible just - constantly doublelock your vehicle when theconvertible optimal is open.

Double locking is a theft security featurethat prevents someone from opened thedoors native the inside. You deserve to onlydouble lock the doors if they space all closed.

Locking and also unlockingconfirmation

When girlfriend unlock the doors, the directionindicators will certainly flash once.

When girlfriend lock the doors, the directionindicators will flash twice.

Note: If your auto has twin locking,the direction indicators will only flash twiceonce you have activated dual locking.

Locking and unlocking thedoors with the key

Turn the height of the an essential towards the frontof the auto to lock the door. Revolve thetop that the an essential towards the rear of thevehicle to unlock the door.

Double locking the doors withthe key

Turn the key to the lock position twicewithin three secs to dual lock thedoors.

Locking and also unlocking thedoors and also the luggagecompartment lid v theremote control


Unlock ALock BLuggage compartment lid unlock C

Locking the doors and the luggagecompartment lid with the remotecontrol

Press button B once.

Double locking the doors and also theluggage compartment lid with theremote regulate - every exceptconvertible

Press button B twice within threeseconds.

Double locking the doors and theluggage compartment lid through theremote control - convertible


Always dual lock her vehiclewhen the convertible peak is open.

Press button B once.

Locking and also unlocking thedoors from inside


Driver"s doorLock all doors AUnlock all doors B


Front and rear passenger doors

To lock the front and also rear passengerdoors individually, push the button andclose the door when leaving the vehicle.

Luggage compartment lid

Opening the luggage compartmentlid v the far control

Press button C ~ above the far controltwice within three seconds.


Closing the luggage compartment lid

A recessed fixed is integrated inside theluggage compartment lid to facilitateclosing.

Automatic relocking

The doors will relock automatically if youdo not open a door within 45 seconds ofunlocking the doors through the remotecontrol. The door locks and also the alarm willreturn to their previous state.

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Reprogramming the unlockingfunction

The unlocking function may bereprogrammed so the all the doors areunlocked or only the driver’s door and also theluggage compartment lid space unlocked.