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Hey guys, ns was simply wondering what the best way is to trade Pokemon through VBA? ive tried the VBA attach thing and that no work, unless i am an idiot( ns am by the way)btw if it provides a differenceim making use of Pokemon Fire Red and all ns trying to perform for now is gain all 3 starting pokemon! so if you can assist out one idiot(me) that would be serious wonderful! you re welcome help!thanks, her boy, marlin..
i know what you have the right to do, shot reading the "read-me" and also see if your utilizing it properly or use my friend, google
Hey, it take it me a lengthy time to number out how to trade with Pokemon. You should open the very same copy of VBA attach twice, and also the 2nd copy ascts as almost a seperate program with the own form of conserve file, referred to as .sa2, the an initial one opening saving things as .sa1, so you need to start a fire red video game in the escond window, save, and also then trade with your an initial window fire red. If friend need an ext explanation ask, I uncovered the writeup top top the CBA attach site confusing v regard come this second window thing so just ask.
Once you finish Fire Red ns beleive you will be permitted to trade v Ruby and Saphire through Celio on among the islands.

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can you offer me the latest version of vbalink via email since when i download indigenous the website, the download stop at 17.5 kb (either ZIP or 7z)
Is there some kind of virtual server to trade with other human being over the net?also, whereby is the connect tho the CBA site...

There is a rapid mirror for VBA-Link in ~ e-lation.netI don"t know around any online-servers because that GBA online gaming.The main Code Breaker Site
h0w carry out i trade from gold To crystal i"m play w/ VBAand ns download TGB dualnothing works can u aid ?
Trading in fire red
Hi i am also trying to acquire the first 3 pkmns as soon as I open up the 2 gba links and go to the center I can see both the players but when ns attempt to talk one of the gba regimen does no respond (not responding)what need to I do:eyemove:Is over there any way to fight or trade through the pple in the internetIn the options->link->settings there is an option for network and also in the 3rd tab there is a text box for ip address of serversome one pls help
How to trade pokemon
This is for basic pokemon RED/BLUE/YELLOWPlay both red and blue in VBA separately. Decision which one you want as a primary account and which one together a an additional account. I decided RED as my primary and also blue together my an additional (This is arbitrary, which ever one girlfriend want). Make 2 folders, one RED and also one BLUE. Placed the red rom in the RED folder and also the blue rom in the BLUE folder. VBA will conserve as “pokemon Red.sa1” for red and also “pokemon BLUE.sa1” for the blue one in each matching folder. Now open TGB dual and conserve both a red and blue rom in the “media” folder. Currently while playing your main account in VBA save prefer you normally would (NO save STATES‼!, start-save game-yes). Climate click file-export-battery file – click desktop- save. This is called something like pokemon RED.SAV. Take it that paper from your desktop and placed it in the TGB twin “save” folder. Perform not rename it. Currently copy her pokemon BLUE.sa1 document from the BLUE folder and also paste that in the TGB dual “save” folder. Rename this file to pokemon BLUE.sa2. Open up TGB double and open up pokemon red (in this case however which ever before one is .sav is your first window). Then open pokemon blue (again in this case, which ever one is the .sa2 is your second window) together the second rom. Obvoiusly adjust the controls approximately so both no the same. I offered the default because that number 1 and also switch number 2 come something very similar but no the same, figure it out. Go to the novelist lady ~ above both screens and also talk come her. Go to TRADE. Trade your pokemons making use of the separate controls for each window. NOTE: Which ever before one you choose to be your second account will not conserve the traded pokemon. Just the major account deserve to save. This is why ns play in VBA and also not in TGB. After trades space made hit begin for both and RESET. Reload video game up and click start-save game-yes. Now go come the VBA RED folder and also delete the pokemon RED.sa1 file. Then go to the TGB dual “save” folder and also copy and paste the pokemon RED.sav paper into the VBA RED folder. Rename this record from pokemon RED.sav come pokemon RED.sa1. Then proceed on playing your game. For this reason remember you will need to play pokemon red and pokemon blue however the pokemon blue (in this case) walk not readjust from the VBA game. The traded pokemon will not be over there in the an additional account when u resume your game. ENJOY!