The season is ending, and if the gets listed below 40F/5C wherein you live, you have to winterize your jet ski.

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This guide will show you just how to winterize your jet ski, just how to de-winterize, and answer the usual questions ns get about jet ski winterizations.

Supplies You need to Winterize A PWC

1. Add Fuel Stabilizer to Gas

You desire to one of two people fill her jet ski gas tank all the way up or keep it almost empty because that winter storage.

Either way, you need to include fuel stabilizer (Sta-Bil) to the gas at the correct measurements according to the fuel stabilizer packaging.

You must add the fuel stabilizer prior to you do the washing up the jet ski, so we understand the fuel lines obtain the mixture too.

2. Flushing her Jet Ski

I favor using a garden hose as Sea-Doo and also Kawasaki flushing harbor is threaded because that garden hoses, the picture below reflects a Sea-Doo hooked up to a garden water tap being purged with water. As soon as flushing v anti-freeze I usage a 5ft garden hose.


Small critters choose to hide in the exhaust port of jet skis and even uncover their way into the warehouse compartments. However, v a cover that totally covers the jet ski, they can’t acquire in and also hide.

Mice and also other tiny rodents room the worst, and they love the taste the plastic wires and also foam, therefore please gain a cover to walk over the top of her cover. I recognize it sounds silly but it’s well worth it having a cover for her cover.

Any general-purpose or global fitting jet ski cover will do, we have an article around what dimension to acquire here.

How come De-Winterize your Jet Ski

We need to not forget come de-winterize her jet ski prior to the speak season.

How to De-Winterize her Jet Ski Steps

Fill the tank up v premium gas.Replace spark plugs with brand-new ones.Reconnect a fee battery.Properly run it ~ above the garden hose to do sure everything sounds and looks fine.Put the drainpipe plugs in and also lake check it!

This would certainly be a great time to carry out your oil and also filter change if you have actually not done it during the winterization. You should be act an oil and filter adjust at least once a year, and doing that now prevents delays in her riding.

Note: If you provided fogging oil once storing her jet ski, you have to for sure replace the spark plugs.

FAQ about Winterizing Jet Skis

Do You must Winterize your Jet Ski?

If girlfriend live what that has actually temperatures that get listed below (40F/5C) you should winterize her jet ski.

If friend don’t winterize her jet ski, the water inside the engine, exhaust, and intercooler have the right to expand and also crack the metal housing.

A crack in the engine block is not an excellent and can be a really costly repair.

Does my Sea-Doo have to Be Winterized?

Sea-Doo provides a closed-loop cooling mechanism for the engine, so over there is no worry about water freezing and cracking the engine block.

But Sea-Doo still absorbs water to cool the exhaust, and also if you have actually a supercharged model, the intercooler still absorbs water.

Even if you have a Sea-Doo, you still must winterize it every year if it it s okay cold wherein you live.

Does Revving The Engine Count together Flushing?

Revving your jet ski engine walk not change the flushing of your engine.

You should run RV & maritime Antifreeze v your jet ski flushing port.

Revving her engine go not gain to all the spots, no one does it gain all the water out.

When have to You Winterize your Jet Ski?

You must winterize your jet ski on the critical ride you execute for the season.

If you can’t execute it at the time, climate you have to winterize your jet ski before temperatures get below 40F/5C.

How lot Does It cost To Winterize A Jet Ski?

Winterizing a jet ski in ~ a dealership can cost anywhere native $100 come $600 depending on what you require done. However, if friend winterize the jet ski yourself, it can expense anywhere from $20 to $200 if you additionally do the oil change.

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Since jet ski dealerships are slower during the winter, they regularly have better rates on winterization with the oil change, so currently would be the finest time to acquire that done. For example, It’s not unheard the a dealership that usually charges $400 for an oil change during the summer to fee $300 because that a winterization v an oil adjust during the slow time.

Some dealerships also do winter warehouse too! This is good because it it s okay the jet ski out of her hair for the winter; you deserve to let them winterize and also store it, and also before the season starts, you speak to them, and they de-winterize it and clean it because that you.