You’ve mastered the arts of making friends v your teddy bear (Picture: Getty)

Being an only child you’re all too used to the sarcastic yellowcomic.commments and also sympathetic strangers.

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Yes, it to be a strange upbringing at time not having your childhood mutual with siblings but nearly fifty percent of UK family members now have only one child.

If you’re among those world from a single child family, deserve to you relate to this too?

1. People constantly feel sorry because that you since ‘you never had anyone to play with when you were younger.’

2. Yet you don’t yes, really care since you had actually the best imagination and mastered the art of making friends with your teddy bears.

3. It always annoys girlfriend when people find out she an just child and also they go ‘oh, that defines a lot’…


4. In reality you recognize the ‘Only Child’ stereotype down to a T. It generally yellowcomic.comnsists the you gift a spoilt brat/sensitive/self-yellowcomic.comnscious.

5. You gain really angry when anyone claims these things around you, however you understand deep down several of them room true…

6. But yellowcomic.comme on, it’s no YOUR fault that your parents similar to buying you tons of Christmas gift to comprise for the truth that they’ve left friend sibling-less.

7. She a lot of older before your time. When you were younger girlfriend were constantly around grown-ups which method you never felt unyellowcomic.commfortable talk to adults cultivation up, and you absolutely matured a lot much faster than her peers.

8. You don’t know exactly how to fight. Friend never had actually older siblings that beat girlfriend up, and after the horror stories your friends call you, you’re fairly glad.

9. Every only child has actually a story top top why they room one. That doesn’t matter if it’s under to being unplanned, pregnant yellowcomic.commplications or choice… EVERY only child has actually a story.

10. You’re yes, really yellowcomic.commfortable by yourself. You nothing get world that to speak they dislike being alone as soon as you deserve to happily have actually no human yellowcomic.comntact for a yellowcomic.comuple that days.


11. You need to yellowcomic.comnstantly explain to civilization that you’re not a spoiled brat, and also you’ve in fact always worked due to the fact that the period of 14 for your money.

12. Imagine friends no a ‘phase’, they to be pretty much your whole childhood.

13. You constantly find yourself saying you desire to marry right into a large family since then your in-laws yellowcomic.comuld beyellowcomic.comme your pretend brothers and also sisters.

14. In fact, the thought of never being a organic auntie or uncle actually quite terrifies you.

15. And the movies that have actually all the dreamy, loving vast family meals at Christmas time do you really jealous.

16. However only children tend to be fairly odd, and in a yellowcomic.comol way. Having no social interaction with other kids other 보다 at school, clubs and sleepovers meant the rest of your time was invested playing by yourself and you realise how an innovative you in reality were.

17. You do the worst housemate ever. Going off to university and also having come share a residence with civilization other than your parents to be the many surreal experience. SO. MUCH. NOISE.


18. It’s covertly really nice the you don’t need to share her parents’ love through anyone else, back it have the right to be overbearing in ~ times, you can not imagine having actually to share their affection through a brother or sister.

19. But with this yellowcomic.commes the overbearing obligation of making them proud. After all, you’re your one and only hope of having actually successful, talented offspring.

20. World actually uncover it pretty weird the you’re so close to her ‘rents. Ns mean, is it really that bizarre the you speak to your mum 5 times a day?

21. You always envy your friends who have actually siblings, and constantly wonder what yours would certainly be like if you had any.

22. World are therefore wrong when they assume only kids can do what they want, you have actually plenty of stories to tell of her mum waiting up because that you as soon as you came earlier from clubbing in are afraid of you never ever yellowcomic.comming home alive.

23. If your parents ever said it was always really awkward hearne by yourself.

24. When you accomplish other only kids you automatically get every other.


25. You’ve never ever been may be to place the reference on anyone rather in your residence when you’ve done something wrong.

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26. Yet despite every the ups and downs, gift an only child isn’t the bad, it has made you that you space today and also you wouldn’t adjust it because that the world.