vt espérer to hope (that) ...  espérer que ... → ns hope ns haven"t stated anything to uncomfortable you.   → they hope the a vaccine will be obtainable soon.   → ns hope you"ll be really happy here.   I expect he comes.  J"espère qu"il va venir. I expect you don"t mind.  J"espère que ça ne car dérange pas. to hope to carry out sth  espérer faire qch → He wishes to obtain a ar at Oxford University.   → i sat down, hoping to continue to be unnoticed.   I hope so  je l"espère → "Will we complete this in time?" -- "I expect so."   I expect not  j"espère que non → "Will us be late?" -- "I expect not."   
espérer → Nothing have the right to be done except to wait, hope, and also pray.   to hope for sth  (=hope come get) espérer avoir qch → i am hoping for something far better in the future   → i am hope for better luck this time.   I"m hope for great results.  J"espère avoir de bons résultats. to hope for the best  espérer que tout se passe pour le mieux to hope versus hope the ...  (=despite everything) espérer en dépit de tout que ... → She glanced about the hall, hoping versus hope the Richard would be wait for her.   
espoir  m  → the hopes and also dreams that reformers   to have high hopes  (=be confident) avoir bon espoir → he has actually high hopes for the future   She has high hopes that her problem will improve.  Elle a bon espoir que sa problem s"améliorera. to offer up hope  perdre espoir Don"t provide up hope!  Ne perds pas espoir! → She never totally gave increase hope.   to get one"s wishes up  (=be over-optimistic) Don"t obtain your wishes up!  N"y compte pas trop! to have actually no hope of sth  <+success, victory> n"avoir aucune possibility de qch to have actually no expect of doing sth   <+winning, succeeding, finding> n"avoir aucune chance de faire qch not a expect in hell  * You haven"t got a expect in hell of doing it.  Tu n"as pas la moindre possibility de le faire. in the hope of doing sth  dans l"espoir de faire qch → that was examining in the expect of gift admitted to an engineering college.   in the hope that  dans l"espoir que → We will certainly be analysing every the points she has actually told united state in the hope the we have the right to locate the human being responsible.   some hope!  * tu parles! → flexibility of information? some hope!   not a hope!  tu parles ! 
pious hope 
  n vœu  m  pieux → banks express the pious hope the students will discover to be thrifty beforehand in their university careers.   
I hope you have a nice day too.

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j"espère que vous avez un jour agréable aussi.
Bienvenue, Adam. Bienvenue, M. Miller.
"Good luck do your best I hope you have a pretty day." composed Sarah, 9.
Faites de votre mieux.J"espère que vous aurez une bonne journée, a écrit Sarah, 9 ans.
Well, ns hope the 3 of you have actually a nice day.
Eh bien, j"espère que vous trois passés une bonne journée.
Hope you have a quite day.
et vous souhaite une excellente journée.
Hello April and Colin, ns hope having actually a nice day
Salut April et Colin, j"espère que vous allez bien.

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