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I want a feastI want a bean feastCream buns and doughnuts and also fruitcake through no nuts so great you might go nuts.No, now! I want a ballI want a partyPink macaroons and a million balloons and performing baboons andGive it come me now.I want the world, I want the totality world.I desire to lock it every up in my pocketIt"s my bar of chocolateGive it come me now! I desire todayI desire tomorrowI desire to wear them favor braids in my hair and also I don"t want to re-publishing themI desire a party through roomfuls that laughterTen thousand loads of ice creamAnd if i don"t acquire the things I to be afterI"m going to scream! I desire the works, I desire the entirety works! Presents and also prizes and also sweets and surprises in every shapes and sizes, and also now! Don"t care how I desire it now! Don"t treatment how I desire it now!
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