I think it may be around PTSD after ~ fighting in a war. One lyric that supports this concept is this, "and I'll survive, paranoid" what execute you all think??


I think there's a many lines in the song which heat up with your interpretation. I never really paid fist to the song, but I just listened come it and read the lyrics and also tried come glean what to be going on.

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First off, the evidence this is around PTSD from war the lines:

Leave the lost and dead behindNow's your opportunity to run for cover... I don't desire to change the world... Light the fuse and burn it up... And I'll survive, paranoid

There room a most contrasting sentiments in the song. The title of the tune is "I will certainly not bow" but in the chorus he states

I will certainly shut the world away...

And write-up chorus...

I have lost the will certainly to change

To me, this sounds choose he's trying everything to not kill himself. It sounds favor he's totally bowed. However maybe he's just lowered his requirements on what that means. The opened of the song he says

I don't want to readjust the worldI simply wanna leaving it colder

To me, this sounds prefer the words of a humble soldier that is saying, "I don't want to be a hero." yet the truth that he's so lost in his depression, the only thing he have the right to think to execute is end his very own life. You can interpret the heat "I just want to leave the civilization colder" together "colder" referring to either "the world" or "I." for this reason does he have actually something versus the world? Or walk he want to finish his life, and ultimately end up a cold, dead corpse?

I think I'm attracted to the PTSD conclusion since it go seem war related. Yet there is additionally a most talk about darkness and also cold. That's mainly much more related to depression. I'd assume a PTSD song would be much more about shocks and also flashes, anger and outbursts, crippling fear or various other kinds that quick-onset emotions. In this song, it sounds choose the world is close up door in, and also he's trying simply hard enough to no let the ever-encroaching walls finally break him and his will certainly to live.

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But that whole last paragraph counts on my uninformed opinion about PTSD. So while ns say the could definitely be either, ns lean more towards acute depression after a war, and he's mustering increase what appears like unlimited strength just to prevent himself from finishing it all.