What is the best way to translate these idiomatic expressions, and their sarcastic tone?



I desire to do a note that my answer applies at least for Mexico, it would certainly be:

I wish! - ¡Ya quisiera!

You wish! - ¡Ya quisieras!

In this case wish wouldn"t translate as espero, but an ext like desear or querer.

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Besides what others have written, I"d include these two translations:

I wish! = ¡Ya me gustaría!

You wish! = ¡Ya te gustaría!

A: i hear you"re a good dancer.

B: Quisiera serlo

A: will certainly you help me relocate this piano?

B: Si es lo que quieres

"Espero" is more as "wait" than "wish". "Quiero" is an ext realted with "wish" and also "need"

You"re much better off speak "en tus sueños" as a kind of speak "you wish".

It translates from "in her dreams" directly.

"I wish!" to display disbelief:

A: Juan me dijo que bailas muy bien.

B: ¡Ya mero! Pues no. Seguro que te estaba tomando el pelo.

"You wish!" to display rejection:

A: Me ayudas a pasar este piano para otra parte?

B: ¡¿Cómo crees?!

Both of this expressions, "ya mero" and "Cómo crees" room nice and also sarcastic. Another an excellent sarcastic expression of shock is "Ay sí" <Yeah, sure>, i m sorry doesn"t work really well in print, due to the fact that the sarcasm comes throughout primarily indigenous the ton of voice.

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