Can it really snow from a cloudless sky? Learn around the meteorological phenomenon well-known as diamond dust and how and also where the forms.

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Can that really eye on a cloudless, sunny day? It deserve to if it’s diamond dust. More like mommy Nature’s tinsel 보다 snow, this meteorological phenomenon is caused by numerous tiny ice crystals that kind near the ground. As they float slowly in the wait (much like family dust) castle reflect the sunlight, which renders them sparkle like diamonds!

What reasons Diamond Dust Snow?

Diamond dust isn’t your common snowfall. Unlike simple snow, it can fall from a cloudless sky, i beg your pardon is why it’s sometimes known as “clear sky precipitation.” This is feasible thanks to one more weather phenomenon dubbed temperature inversion.

Normally, air temperatures get cooler as you travel from soil level up to greater altitudes, however with inversion, this is flipped—cold wait sits near the surface ar with warmer air above it. This weather setup makes it possible for diamond dust to form because the warmer air contains more water vapor. Together this warmer, moister wait mixes with the cooler air listed below it, its water vapor is lugged into the cold air. Then ice crystals may kind (without the require of moisture from clouds overhead).

It’s acquired To be C-O-L-D!

Of course, the near-ground air temperatures should be cold sufficient too. And we’re not just talking temperatures roughly the 32°F freeze mark. In order for water vapor to condense directly into ice cream crystals (which is what happens when diamond dust forms) you need temperatures MUCH chillier than 32. This weather phenomenon generally only develops when air temperature drop right into the negative digits: -10s, -20s, -30s, and also -40s!

Where can You view Diamond Dust?

If you’ve never seen diamond dust before, it’s because very couple of places, various other than Antarctica and the Arctic, gain that cold. Occasionally, sections of Canada and also the northernmost tier the the United claims (locations in Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and also Wyoming) can see temperature cold sufficient to develop this sparkly snow.

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Fun Fact:At the Antarctic Plateau, diamond dust deserve to beobserved 316 job a year!

Although that doesn’t fall from clouds, that is a sort of precipitation, as with snow or rain. (Any type of water that falls from the sky earns the title of precipitation.)

Like simple snow showers, diamond dust can proceed for numerous days without stopping. However no matter how long that falls, it likely won’t accumulate.