1. Under i m sorry of the following problems would a fossil most most likely form?A. A living point dies and sediment is an extremely slowly deposited on top of its body.2. If you to be looking for an instance of a trace fossil, for which that the following can you search?D. A hardened mineral sample 3. What walk the legislation of superposition tell around the relative eras of rocks?A. That the depth you get in rock layers, the older the rocks are4. ~ a rock layer is eroded, which extr event must happen to produce an unconformity, or a void in the geologic record?C. Folding of sedimentary rock layers 5. Radioactive degeneration occurs once atoms C. Failure to form atoms of one more element. 6. If you want to consult the geologic time range for as soon as the first vertebrates evolved, whereby would girlfriend look?D. In the section for Precambrian time 7. Earth atmosphere, oceans, and also continents started to type during the an initial several hundred million year ofA. Precambrian time. 

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1. The process in i m sorry sedimentary rocks room arranged in layer is dubbed Stratification.

Another term because that Stratification is referred to as Bedding used to explain the way in i m sorry sedimentary rocks lie ~ above each various other in layers recognized as strata.

2) The regulation of Cross-cutting partnership happens when a layer of rocks take it apart and also igneous rock fill in the spaces.

IT describes how a error can reason a fracture in an older igneous rock and also then another rock , i beg your pardon is the younger rock that brought about the fault drops into the place of the fracture.

3)On the Earth"s surface, weathering and Erosion make rock fragments.

Erosion is a geological procedure in i m sorry surface material like rock particles and soil room worn indigenous Earth"s crust and transported through water or wind. Both the breaking under or eroding that the earth surface reason rock come fragment.

4)The law of superposition states that sedimentary rocks are layered indigenous the earliest to the youngest and oldest rocks are found at the bottom.

5)A error is a rest in the rocks that make up the Earth"s crust, along

which rocks on one of two people side have actually moved past each other.

6) an intrusion rock is developed when a magma never makes it come the surface.

instances of Intrusion rocks which are igneous rocks the forms listed below the earth surface room Granite and also Gabbro.

7) In the legislation of Unconformity rock was uplifted, eroded from the bordering rock, and also will be changed by sediments.

8) A sedimentary rock is created by the accumulation, deposition, and

cementation of organic particles or minerals.sedimentary.

examples of Sedimentary rocks incorporate --sandstone, limestone,shale and so on

9) once lava solidifies upon reaching the surface, that usually forms a/an extrusive absent in rock layers.

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instances of Extrusive rocks which room igneous rocks the erupt onto the surface ar of the planet surface before cooling room Basalt, Andesite.

10) rock that form intrusions on various other rocks is Younger 보다 the various other rock layer.​