When ns was organizing my refrigerator magnets this morning, ns noticed that one of them was an especially bulky. Wishing that I might make it smaller sized somehow, I determined to carry out some research study to find out if magnets deserve to be manually separated. Together a result, I placed together a quick guide for just how to cut a magnet in half.

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How carry out you cut a magnet in half? In stimulate to cut a magnet in half, friend will need to acquire together a perform of protective gear and also tools the will help you store the magnet in place safely. You will not want to use any type of kind the high powered tool, since you can demagnetize the magnet.

The really cutting deserve to be done v a hacksaw, but if this an approach does not occupational initially, you can move on come an alternative technique of using a diamond-plated wheel or a chisel to complete the job.

Magnets are very versatile objects that have the right to be provided for a variety of projects and also purposes. Simply like practically any other material, lock can additionally be manipulated come fit a particular shape or dimension by cutting right into them. If you setup on doing any type of magnet cutting in the close to future, usage this quick and helpful overview to learn the suitable technique.

How To cut a Magnet In Half

If friend have uncovered yourself in a situation where you can need to cut a magnet in fifty percent for one reason or another, over there is no should worry. You deserve to rest assured that it is possible to carry out this, with just a couple of simple steps as that.

As lengthy as you monitor the safety precautions and particular techniques together outlined in this section, girlfriend will have actually two magnets of same size rather of one in no time.

What You will Need:

Protective gear (gloves, goggles, mask)Hacksaw Vise Marker/chalk Diamond abrasive wheel Dremel Hammer Chisel steel shears

After gathering every one of your materials, girlfriend will want to begin with the hacksaw technique of cutting her magnet. This is the safest and least invasive option, and you will be an ext likely to come out with two clean halves once you space successful in this process. The other products on this list are a second and 3rd option if this an approach fails.

How To reduced a Magnet In half With a Hacksaw:

Put on security gear and also assemble your materials in a clean workspace ar magnet top top a vise attract a line wherein you would prefer to reduced Use hacksaw to cut along the heat you drew

To cut the magnet v the hacksaw, girlfriend will need to put on your protective gear and assemble her materials. Location the magnet on a vise to save it in place, and draw a clean line where you would like to cut.

Simply usage the hacksaw to do an even cut along the heat you drew. If this is no effective, girlfriend can try using a diamond-plated wheel instead.

How To cut a Magnet In fifty percent With a Diamond Plated Wheel:

Place the diamond-plated wheel on the Dremel and tighten it turn on the an equipment Place the rotate wheel ~ above the line you marked, pushing under

To execute this, place the diamond plated wheel ~ above the Dremel and tighten that in place. Rotate on the device,a nd simply location the rotate wheel ~ above the heat you marked, applying pressure downward.

How To reduced a Magnet In half With a Chisel:

1. Ar the chisel top top the line you marked

2. Holding the chisel in one hand, use your hammer to pressure the chisel into the magnet

As an pure last resort, you can move end to your hammer and also chisel to cut the magnet, by stop the chisel along the line and also hitting the optimal of it v your hammer. However, this is the least preferable option because your magnet will most most likely break right into several pieces.

How The Poles Are influenced When a Magnet Is cut In Half

So, currently that you’ve learned that it is feasible to reduced a magnet in half, what actually happens come a magnet once it is cut in half?

If you are familar with magnetism at all, you can have heard the the hatchet polarity. Polarity is usually the differentiation between the direction of the magnetic fields. Also called “poles”, every magnet has actually one in a North and also a southern direction.

In other words, there is one pole, or magnetic field, that faces in the direction that North, when the other deals with the South.

Additionally, once two magnets are carried together, opposites will entice in the terms of poles. So, the north Pole that the very first magnet will certainly be attracted, or attach to, the various other magnet’s south Pole.

On the contrary, if 2 magnets space being held in addition to both of your North poles touching, you will certainly probably have actually a tough time obtaining the 2 surfaces to touch. This is as result of the reality that the very same poles of two magnets will actually repel each other.

The principle of polarity is impacted when a magnet is reduced in half. Take it a look in ~ the fast list listed below to get an idea of just how it will certainly react after gift cut, and keep reading through the remainder of this ar for a an ext detailed explanation.

When Magnets Are reduced In Half:

Tiny magnetic domain names inside the magnet are split Cut locations reverse your polarity reaction of every side that the magnet space switched

Inside the a magnet, over there are tons of tiny tiny individual magnets. Almost like particles, they are also known as “magnet domains” in the human being of magnetism. Just like any other magnet, each of these tiny magnet domains have their very own poles.

Try to imagine a straightforward bar magnet for the purposes of an example. If the ideal side is considered the north pole and the left next is the south pole, let’s pretend there is a line right down the center of this magnet separating the 2 directions.

On the best side of the line, the magnetic domains’ north poles will be dealing with outward, which will cause the entire bar magnet to lure other objects accordingly on that side. Similarly, the magnetic domain names on the left side of the magnet will certainly have every one of their southern poles dealing with outward in that direction as well.

Now, if the magnet is cut down the center on the very same imaginary line the we drew in the ahead example, the magnetic domains will be severed down the middle as well. Together a result, the polarity that they have actually will be completely reversed.

In other words, the reaction of each side that the magnet as soon as it concerns other magnets and also miscellaneous magnetic objects will be opposing of what castle were prior to in the area the they to be cut.

To visualize this separation, think the a tiny circular fragment that exists within of the larger magnet. If it is reduced down the middle and pulled apart, its properties will completely switch.

Related Questions

Can you turning back the polarity of a magnet?

To reverse the polarity of a magnet, you have the right to either use a mechanism of copper wires and a battery, or you have the right to simply reduced the whole thing in half to turning back the polarity on every side.

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Can you drill right into a magnet?

Magnets can be drilled into, yet this can be dangerous and also flammable. Besides, the magnet will likely break personal if you execute this, i m sorry is why it is not recommended.