The cerebrum is the largest section of the brain. The surface of the cerebrum has countless folds and also grooves, the deepest of i beg your pardon divides it right into right and left halves, or hemispheres. The cerebral hemispheres remain associated by a band of nerves.

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The brainstem connects through the spinal cord. The brainstem is composed of three structures: the medulla oblongata, the pons, and the midbrain. The medulla oblongata, the lowest part of the brainstem, is really an upward extension of the spinal cord. The pons, a term the literally method bridge, lies in between the medulla and also the midbrain. The brainstem frameworks serve together two-way conduction paths and also contain many important reflex centers.


he spinal cord and the abdomen, limbs, and also chest;

Spinal nerves carry impulses in between the spinal cord and the abdomen, limbs, and also chest. Cranial nerves lug impulses between the brain and the neck and also head.

a doctor who studies and also treats conditions of the nerves (nervous system);

A neurologist is a physician who specialization (-logist) in the diseases and also treatments related to the nervous system.


Efferent way away native the center. Efferent, or motor, nerve cells lug information far from the central nervous system, towards the muscles and glands. Afferent, or sensory, neurons send impulses come the mind and spinal cord from one-of-a-kind receptors in all parts of the body.


The class of membrane that protect the spine and mind are the meninges (menig/o). There room three layers: the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater.

medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain;

The medulla oblongata, pons, and midbrain space the three parts of the brainstem. The cerebrum, cerebellum, and also brainstem are the three parts of the brain. The dura mater, arachnoid, and also pia mater are the 3 layers of membrane that protect the brain and spine.

The largest part of the brain, responsible for managing skeletal muscles, interpreting the senses, and managing intellect, memory and also emotional reactions is the:

The cerebrum, cerebellum, and also brainstem are the three parts of the brain. The is the cerebrum that is responsible for managing skeletal muscles and interpreting the senses, and also managing intellect, memory, and also emotional reactions.


Ganglia (sing., ganglion) are groups of nerve cell bodies located outside the central nervous system. Glia, additionally called neuroglia, space connective, supportive organization cells within the nervous mechanism that carry out not bring impulses. Each neuron consists of a cell body, a number of branching projections (each projection is called a dendrite), and also one long thread-like extension, the axon.

system consisting of the mind and spinal cord;

The main nervous device (CNS) is the body mechanism that contains the mind and the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous device (PNS) is consisted of of the cranial and spinal nerves. The clear, colorless fluid had in the ventricles is cerebrospinal liquid (CSF).

Specialized cells within the nervous mechanism that support and nourish nervous tissue yet do no conduct impulses room called:

Glia, or neuroglia, are devoted cells found within the nervous system that support and also nourish concerned tissue. Some aid in cerebrospinal liquid secretion, and also others assist with phagocytosis. However, glia do not lug impulses.


The cerebellum, sometimes dubbed the hindbrain since of its ar under the posterior section of the cerebrum, assists in skeleton muscle coordination and balance.


The suffix -iatrist method specialist, physician, as in the hatchet psychiatrist. The suffix -logist also way specialist, however not particularly a physician. A psychologist is no a clinical doctor.

The word part that completes the clinical term meaning excessive sensitivity (to stimuli), hyper/___________/a, is:
esthesi; The medical term that describes an too much (hyper-) sensitivity (-esthesia) to stimuli is hyperesthesia. Hyperesthesia is one abnormal problem of enhanced sensitivity, specifically a painful reaction to usually painless touch stimuli. The word parts esthesi/o and -esthesia average sensory consciousness or sensations.
The word part that completes the medical term definition inflammation that the nerve root, meninges, and spinal cord, ______/o/mening/o/myel/itis, is:

To finish the term definition inflammation (-itis) of the nerve root, meninges (mening/o), and also spinal cord (myel/o), you need to supply words root because that nerve root, i beg your pardon is rhiz/. Radicul/ and also radic/ are also word roots because that nerve root.

The word component that completes the clinical term definition paralysis of four (limbs), __________/plegia, is:

Paralysis (-plegia) of 4 (quadri-) four is referred to as quadriplegia. Hemiplegia is paralysis the one side of the body. Hemiparesis and also monoparesis describe slight paralysis (-paresis) affecting fifty percent of the body and one limb, respectively.

The word part that completes the clinical term an interpretation inflammation that the meninges, ___________/itis, is:

To finish the term that means inflammation that the meninges, you need to recall the word root mening/. Meningitis is an inflammatory problem that affect the brain and spinal cord. The is led to by epidemic (bacterial, viral, or fungal) and can variety in severity from mild to fatal.

cerebrum, brain;

To offer the meaning of words root in the ax intracerebral, you first must uncover the word root (intra- + cerebr/o + al) and then recall the cerebr/ way cerebrum, brain. Intracerebral method pertaining to within the cerebrum. You may have heard this term as part of another term, intracerebral hemorrhage, which defines the profuse circulation (-rrhage) of blood (hem/o) within (intra-) the mind from a ruptured cerebral (cerebr/o) blood vessel.


The word root in the hatchet psychogenic is psych/, which method mind. Psychogenic describes an illness that originates in the mind.


The word source in the hatchet gangliitis is gangli/, which means ganglion. A ganglion is a group of nerve cell bodies located outside the main nervous system; it is represented by the combining creates gangli/o and ganglion/o.

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The clinical term that method protrusion the the meninges and also spinal cord (through the vertebral column) is:

The protrusion (-cele) the the meninges (mening/o) and also spinal cord (myel/o) v the vertebral column is called a meningomyelocele. This condition is additionally referred to together myelomeningocele.