Inuyasha finest Moments we Love

Everyone loves Inuyasha. With its general nostalgia and the new sequel recently released, the Inuyasha fandom has actually been reawakened to its fullest. Yet we all have actually our favourite moments, regardless of seeing every episode and every movie. It"s the height Ten Inuyasha ideal Moments us Love!

10. Kagome and Sango affected by Mist


This moment takes place in season five, during the illustration “The critical Banquet the Miroku’s Master.” throughout this episode, Hachiemon, among the consistent side characters, concerns Inuyasha’s team to educate Miroku that his former master Mushin is dying. So, together a last request, everyone performs tasks around the temple, the final task being a request for a rarely sake. 

In stimulate to gain the sake, they have to find the sages on a sacred peak, Kasumidake, that are known to make it. As soon as they reach the peak, Hachiemon, Sango, and Kagome end up being drunk on a gift mist, and begin acting silly and wild. Only Miroku and also Inuyasha were no affected, together they regulated not to breathe in the mist. In the end, the others space cured once Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to suck the mist away.

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Why that Great 

It’s always great to see a little bit of feeling In Inuyasha, specifically from 2 of the many level headed personalities that wouldn’t normally behave this way. It’s additionally a form of unconventional humor, contrasted to few of the various other Inuyasha jokes.Hachiemon likewise makes an figure after no being seen for number of episodes. Hachiemon is a clip for the series’s humor, and also a consistent use and also ally come Miroku and the others. He’s a great character that us all miss when he’s no around.There’s lastly some true background revealed top top Miroku also throughout the humor, miscellaneous we’ve been in search of in his personality so far. That nice to recognize he’s an ext than a goofy, powerful, womanizer.

9. Inuyasha and Koga Fight end Chips 


This minute takes location in season four, during the illustration “Sesshomaru and also Koga: A dangerous Encounter.” throughout this episode, the wolf demon people meets Sesshomaru and also his group in the forest. Once Sesshomaru realizes this to be the team that struck his person traveling companion, Rin, the tribe runs far in fear.

After lock run, lock come throughout Koga and Inuyasha fighting end what? you guessed it, chips. Koga wondered about his followers why lock came back without food, Kagome gave Koga a bag of she chips, do Koga happy and also Inuaysha completely irritated. Koga and Inuyasha are infamous for fighting every other, but this silly minute takes the cake.

Why that Great 

Inuyasha and also Koga are recognized to fight every other, however not over something this ridiculous and inconsequential. This was such a severe episode the it was fairly nice to have a laugh.Inuyasha is widely recognized for his obsession with Kagome’s contemporary chips, and also it’s hilarious to check out him fight for them together he would certainly his friends. His determination in the direction of food is rather funny.Kagome gave Koga the chips in the first place, and also that’s one of the factors Inuyasha says with Koga in the very first place; he’s identified to care around Kagome an ext than Koga. It would certainly make sense then for Inuyasha come be jealousy over the truth that she gave Koga chips over himself.

8. Inuyasha and also Koga Fighting end Kagome

This minute takes place in season five, during the illustration “Vanished in a flow of Flames.” after ~ Renkotsu heals native his fight v Koga making use of a Shikon Jewel shard, and also decides to attack Inuyasha, Kagome, and also Koga v his wolves so he have the right to steal the shards Koga has taken because that himself. Renkotsu, privately, knows that Bankotsu will kill him for acquisition a jewel shard, therefore meaning he has to take Koga’s if he desires a opportunity of winning. 

This leader to a vast fight through Renkotsu and also the others. The river listed below the cave they were beside was clogged off through a huge rock, sending out a water raft of flames ~ above what is currently surface oil. External of the cave, Renkotsu strikes the group with his weapon collection. Kagome is the only one maybe to safeguard the team with she arrows in ~ this point, a an extremely dangerous situation.

In a moment of fast thinking, Inuyasha protects Kagome versus the flames with his Fire-Rat kimono if falling to his fatality while beating Renkotsu. However, the team tries to be optimistic about his potential return, excluding Koga who says that Inuyasha to be “probably blown to bits.” 

He regrets this statement when he watch Kagome crying right into Inuyasha’s kimono, blaming herself for the accident, as she had actually the kimono when Inuyasha required it most. Koga do the efforts to comfort her, yet gets struggle in the head by an angry Inuyasha that scolds Koga for reasoning he could die the easily. Suddenly, Kagome rushes come Inuyasha’s side, embracing him with relief together she cries. 

However, despite the touching moment, Koga and also Inuyasha still leave each other fighting end who could win Kagome’s heart. Koga leaves v the remainder of his tribe, and Inuyasha continues to be with the others.

Why the Great 

Normally, Koga is defined by his determination to display Inuyasha up when it comes to who cares about Kagome the most, and who can care for her the most. However, as soon as Koga sees the Kagome is upset end Inuyasha and also what Koga said around him, he puts his proud aside and also comforts she instead. That’s some good character development. Seeing Inuyasha sacrificing his kimono and putting self in peril to conserve Kagome’s life is proof of his character advance as well, including to that his budding feelings for Kagome.There’s also some yes, really nice activity with this, and likewise a cliffhanger because that the audience. After ~ all, for a break-up second, the audience can seem as dead together well.

7. Inuyasha Meets Kagome’s Family

This minute takes place in season one throughout the episode, “Yura the the Demon-Hair.” ~ the first three job of she absence, Kagome tries to describe to her household where she was, yet they don’t think her. Her grand decides to placed seals ~ above the well to prevent more demons from comes through, although Kagome doubts it will work.

Kagome goes around her normal routine once Inuyasha, earlier in the Feudal Era, sees the Kagome had actually left her clothes behind. He find his method towards the well, and travels come Kagome’s civilization to give them to her. Kagome continues to go about her life, thinking what she had been through was just a dream. That is, till Inuyasha mirrors up in ~ her family dinner.

Her family members is speechless, her mother even touching Inuyasha’s ears to view if they’re in reality “real.” the rudely needs if she got permission to go home, informing her she needs to go earlier to assist him find the jewel shards. Kagome travels with him, leaving her family members speechless. 

Why the Great 

Seeing Inuyasha in the 21st century, connecting with Kagome’s family, is a great source the comedy and also hilarity, considering that he watch so out of place and is fairly confused about where that is.This scene additionally proves to Kagome’s household that she was telling the truth around traveling come the Feudal Era to see Inuyasha. This proves to be vital later top top in the show.The reality that Inuyasha traveled all the means to Kagome’s time to come and also find she proves that he cares simply a tiny about her already, despite being so early in the show. For those who like Inuyasha and Kagome together, this is just the start.

6. Inuyasha and Kagome accomplish Shippo

This minute takes place in season one throughout the illustration “Enter Shippo...Plus, The exceptional Thunder Brothers!” Kagome is telling Inuyasha and also Myoga the flea about some materials and moments indigenous her civilization when a young Kitsune Fox turns into a balloon. Inuyasha bring away his tail and also he turns into a jizo statue instead. He begins to go through Kagome’s bag, searching for shards the the Shikon jewel, acquisition what they already had and disappearing right into a cloud the foxfire.

At least, it is what they think till they check out a skull with a fox tail sticking out of it. Shippo defines to them the the Thunder brothers Hiten and Manten killed his father. It likewise seems to be the they have shards that the spiritual jewel, as well as Shippo’s father’s pelt. 

After numerous fights in order come retrieve the jewel shards, Shippo’s father’s pelt, and also a newly kidnapped Kagome, Shippo later starts to travel with them. He proves himself to be a kind and also useful traveling companion transparent the series.

Why it’s Great 

Here we acquire to fulfill one that our key characters the proves to be a good ally later on on. Shippo proves to it is in kind-hearted, useful, and also loyal come the group, do his visibility worth his chaotic introduction.Shippo is the very first character come become component of the Inuyasha group, not included Kagome, and his introduction proves come be one of the many emotional character introductions that all. What v his father being eliminated by the Thunder Brothers, it was hardly a friendly introduction, but necessary the was.Shippo proves come be an excellent comedic relief transparent the remainder of the show, and also is among Kagome and also Inuyasha’s biggest supporters when it comes to their romantic relationship. 

5. Kikyo Meets Bankotsu 

This moment takes ar in season five throughout the episode “Lured by the black Light.” Kikyo is traveling through the fascinating forest, thinking about Naraku and also how she feeling his visibility at Mt. Hakurei when she comes across Bankotsu mourning his collapse allies and also bitter around his mortality. He choose to proceed his route of death and destruction as soon as he comes throughout the traveling Kikyo.

Kikyo chooses to difficulty him to fight, and also in his rage, Bankotsu rises to it. The former priestess then asks Bankotsu why he decided a life that despair and also destruction instead of making use of the gift of the Shikon jewel for good. Bankotsu declares that he likes the method he is currently, cruel.

He claims that nothing exist after death, that once you’re dead, you’re gone forever. Kikyo appears to it is in the only exception to this rule, and also she is at some point told to back off.

Why the Great 

Here we get to see that Kikyo is not favor the various other wandering soul such together herself; she no vengeful, she no violent, and she doesn’t desire destruction. This proves to it is in a beneficial observation later on in the series.This proves that Kikyo interacts repetitively with living souls and consistently asks them questions around their experiences or helps them with some concern or experience. Although it hasn’t however been revealed regarding why she does this.We likewise get come know about Bankotsu’s personality, and also this happens to be rather crucial to know around later top top in the show, considering he is a little bit of a young troublemaker.

4. Sesshomaru Meets Kikyo 

Sesshomaru and Kikyo occur to satisfy up in the very first Inuyasha movie, “Affections throughout Time.” In the movie, a Mongoi moth named Hyoga was killed by Inuyasha’s father two century ago, and also his son, Menomaru, has come seek revenge. He resurrects his demons, Ruri and also Hari, to scheme versus Inuyasha. 

The group discover themselves fighting a scorpion demon, and also Kilala is scratched through a poison claw. Yet things seem to be fine, and also they discover themselves eat a nice picnic. However, Kilala operation off, and here the danger plot begins.

Later top top in the movie, Sesshomaru appears, learning that the opponent battling v his fifty percent brother is an old adversary of their father’s. Sesshomaru decides not to get involved, and he has his very first interaction with Kikyo. The dead priestess in which method knew the the relationship between the two brothers, and warned them she was nothing but dead.

Sesshomaru made the clear that he no care, and that the just thing he to be interested in to be killing Inuyasha himself.

Why that Great 

This is an additional instance as to how Sesshomaru just cares once he feeling it’s truly important, and also he no interested in Inuyasha’s trouble at all, back this is never ever revealed. His only goal is to kill Inuyasha, and also while he never makes an additional appearance in the movie, this mindset remains transparent the series.This is one of the rare moments Sesshomaru and also Kikyo space together, and also while the a little random and short, the a an essential moment that offers some slight insight into their basic relationship.It seems like Kikyo wanted to speak to every character throughout the movie, Sesshomaru being among them. When it no revealed regarding why during the film, her motives space revealed in the direction of the end.

3. Meadow Scene between Sesshomaru and Rin

This moment takes ar in season six during the illustration “Forever through Lord Sesshomaru.” In this episode, a demon has actually started kidnapping young children. Miroku and the rather were called to destroy the demon, however Rin is taken by Onoguki before they have the right to defeat him. After castle do, Unagi, the so-called monk contrasted to Miroku, tries to take Rin through him. Rin claims no, and also leaves with Sesshomaru once he arrives.

The others had tried to convince her Sesshomaru was much more dangerous than humans, the demons were no to it is in trusted, but Rin still choose to go with Sesshomaru. Throughout the grassland scene, Rin asked the if she to be to die, would certainly Sesshomaru remember her? This takes him off guard, and he merely tells her not to “say together silly things.”

They then collection out to discover Naraku, but it’s noticeable Sesshomaru does care.

Why that Great 

Sesshomaru is well-known to it is in unfeeling, emotionless, and also having no priorities other than killing Inuyasha. However, through caring for Rin and deeming she a priority, the proves that Sesshomaru does have actually emotions in the direction of others the aren’t completely negative. It’s also a rather nurturing and also cute scene, something the isn’t typical in Inuyasha past the main group. It’s hard to love an unforeseen moment.This is some great character advancement for Sesshomaru, if friend remember just how he was in the beginning. Since of Rin, he is showing more emotions and more character beyond being filled through violence and total hate for Inuyasha.

2. Kagome damages Inuyasha

This moment takes ar in season four during the episode “Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei!” wherein the group proceeds to struggle versus the Shichinintai and Renkotsu’s flames. Suikotsu seems to have actually some internal difficulties of his own, and also Kagome theorizes his personality is split. ~ they loss Renkotsu and the Shichinintai retreats, Inuyasha becomes worried around Kikyo. When Kagome look at them talking closely, she becomes sad that he appears to treatment for Kikyo more.

The very next day, a clueless Inuyasha asks Miroku why Kagome is skip him. Miroku notifies him it’s as result of the fact that she feels betrayed through him, and that by letting she be because that a while, she might come around. However Inuyasha, being the human he is, decides to press the difficulty until Kagome tells him the she to know he has a special connection with Kikyo, and therefore doesn’t require her.

However, the doesn’t issue to her, together she guarantees to continue to be by his side no issue what. But then in her anger at him because that being so insensitive, she makes him “sit” over and also over again.

Why it’s Great 

This is a good step in the relationship between Kikyo, Kagome, and Inuyasha’s relationship. Kagome finally admits the Inuyasha talking to Kikyo in the method he does damages her, but that she won’t leaving him. This is the very first real admittance the feelings beyond the basics that what to be felt at the beginning, and also for civilization who delivery Inuyasha and Kagome, that a an excellent moment.Inuyasha seems to ultimately have opened up his eyes a bit, together his interactions v Kikyo due to the fact that then are much less intense and have decreased. And the course there is a tiny humor in there, as any kind of time Kagome renders Inuyasha sit is a comedic one. It was a an excellent way to offset the emotionally intensity.

Best Inuyasha Moment: Inuyasha and also Kagome Kiss 

This minute takes ar in the second Inuyasha movie “The Castle beyond the looking Glass.” Inuyasha and his groups battle it out v Naraku, ultimately defeating their archenemy. After ~ this Miroku loses his Wind Tunnel and also Sango’s brother, Kohaku, is finally totally free of Naraku’s angry clutches. Everyone part ways; Inuaysha, Kagome, and Shippo to find for the jewel shards, Miroku goes come visit his old master, Mushin, and also Sango goes come her town to discover Kohaku.

Meanwhile, Kagura and Kanna, two enduring incarnations the Naraku, find a mirror in a hidden shrine and manage to awaken an old maiden named Kaguya, Princess the the Heavens. Kaguya, in exchange for releasing her, guarantees Kagura her true desire; freedom. Soon after, chaos ensues once Kagome sacrifices her life because that Inuaysha, bring about her to get taken by Kaguya as a prisoner. Kaguya tells Inuyasha that if that becomes her servant, she will let Kagome go.

The rest of the group setup to strike Kaguya when she freezes time into eternal night. The group, not included Hojo and also Hachi, space spared since they to be wearing Kagome’s bandages native a various time period, Inuyasha gift spared by a locket Kagome offered to him prior to this all took place.

However, your battle setup fails, and also Kaguya transforms Inuyasha into a pure demon. Kagome, quiet trapped, make the efforts to speak Inuyasha down through words, yet to no avail. However the minute Shippo frees her, she gyeongju to Inuyasha’s side, kissing him ago to his regular self. After ~ this, Inuyasha guarantees to stay a half-demon because that a while much longer for Kagome’s sake, and also they succeed in their fight versus Kaguya.

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Why it’s Great 

This is what the Inuyasha x Kagome shippers have actually been wait for. This is a vast step in your relationship, something stress throughout the present has certainly been structure up towards. While it’s part of an awkward conversation in between the team later, the still happened.The fact that Inuyasha literally needs Kagome’s physical visibility to come down from being a complete demon means that their connection is close sufficient to do Inuyasha reclaim his human being side.Inuyasha literally promised Kagome to remain a half demon because that a period of time, something so much away indigenous his initial goal to becoming a complete demon. This shows major character advancement for Inuyasha, together he plainly loves Kagome. Inuyasha saying the he would certainly be willing to continue to be a half demon because that a tiny while because that Kagome shows a true difference in his in its entirety character. 

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