The Lincoln penny has been produced for fine over 100 years, and is still being produced to this day. V that being said, the coin native 1956 is much much more valuable than the modern-day variety, and also its value is ever-increasing. Being that the coin is no longer being produced, there has never been a much better time than now to acquire your hands on one of these iconic piece of united state coinage.

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The obverse side of the 1956 Lincoln coin is dominated by the profile of Abraham Lincoln. Come the left that the President’s picture is a raised engraving which reads “Liberty.” the opposite the Liberty inscription is one that reads the 1956 year of minting. Finally, the phrase “In God we Trust” is arching overtop of the obverse.

As because that the turning back side of the coin, the middle facet of the confront is overcame by two raised engravings on optimal of one another. Among the engravings reads “United states of America,” if the various other denotes the “One Cent” face value. Follow me the right and also left outer edges of the reverse are two solitary stalks of wheat, which defines why the coin is sometimes called the “Wheat Penny.” Finally, arching overtop the the reverse side is the Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum.”

Grading the 1956 Lincoln Penny

As far as the 1956 Lincoln penny is concerned, collectors are just interested in those coins that have been graded. In short, grading is something that entails having a skilled look at the condition of the coin and also assign that an main grade. Below we will introduce you come the various coin grades and what these qualities mean for the figure of the 1956 Lincoln.

Uncirculated: A coin the is established to it is in of Uncirculated grade is one that has never exchanged hands. Native the work they to be minted, this coins will have been preserved in a safe place and, as such, avoided the damage typically associated with coins so old. In a word, this coins watch flawless.

Extremely Fine: Extremely good is the grade provided to coins the look to be perfect, however have one or 2 minor flaws. Even if it is it is a small scratch or some various other tiny blemish, this coins will certainly be an extremely lightly damaged. In many cases, the damage current on exceptionally Fine 1956 Lincoln pennies cannot also be seen with the naked eye an extremely easily.

Fine: A coin that is of well grade is one that was circulated, however not really heavily damaged. You will notice some irradiate scratching and also smoothing as a result of the changing of hands end the years, but every one of the raised imagery and lettering will certainly be intact and also visible through the nude eye.

Good: Good is the lowest, or worst, grade a Lincoln penny have the right to receive. The is indicative the a coin that has actually been greatly circulated and also heavily damaged. In many cases, the damage on these coins is so significant that several of the raised facets will have been worn away because of the consistent exchanging the hands this coins walk through.

Pricing the 1956 Lincoln Penny

When it pertains to determining the worth of a 1956 Lincoln penny, this is something that can be done quite easily if you take it a couple of different things into consideration. The first factor that influences the value of the penny is the form it is. Due to the fact that there were approximately 3 different types of Lincolns created each year, the type and that scarcity will help determine the value. Secondly, the great of the coin method everything as coins in good condition will certainly be more valuable than those that have actually been greatly worn. Listed below you will discover a table listing the different values because that coins provided their type and grade.

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Lincoln Pennies

1956 Lincoln PennyN/AN/A$0.12$0.15
1956 Lincoln penny (D)N/AN/A$0.12$0.15
Source: Red Book

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