Brian Harman hoists the 2014 john Deere standard Championship trophy ~ finishing the competition at 22-under par.

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Q. over there is a structure at 1136 W. Second St. In Davenport. Deserve to you phone call what enterprise have remained in that structure over the years? There has actually been some discussion around that, and also there is walking to it is in a winner or loser.

A. The Scott county Assessor"s website at this time lists the building as being occupied by LAE Auto Sales. The Richardson-Sloane unique Collections facility at the Davenport windy Library, main branch, confirm the Davenport city directories, and also here are some of the enterprise they uncovered at that address over the years:

Q. I"m wonder if Brian Harman is the kid of Butch and also Lillie Harmon? ns think Butch Harmon is a golf pro trainer. They offered to live in Bettendof, ns believe.

A. Don Doxsie, Quad-City Times sporting activities editor, and also Steve Batterson, Times sporting activities reporter, comment to this question.

No, agree golfer Brian Harman (different spelling) is the son of Eric and also Nancy Harman. He to be born in Jan. 19, 1987, in Savannah, Ga., according to info from his PGA biography online.

Don Doxsie said, "Claude "Butch" Harmon is originally from new York, yet he has Quad-Cities ties and is among the most well known golf teacher ever. The info I discovered online perform his wife"s name together Lillie. That is not, however, regarded Brian Harman in any kind of way. Right here is the bio that Butch Harmon on our Quad-City sporting activities Hall of fame ballot:

"Butch Harmon — previous golf agree at Crow valley ... Thrived up in brand-new York … won 1971 Broome County open on PGA tourism … private coach for Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and other PGA veterans."

Steve Batterson said, "Butch Harmon to be the head golf experienced at crow Valley country Club in Bettendorf. He has actually a lengthy resume in the video game covering much more than 5 decades and his father, Claude, was the masters champion in 1948. Butch Harmon played on the PGA tourism in the early 1970s, winning the BC open up in 1971 in his final year on Tour. His time in the Quad-Cities come after that. That has worked as a to teach instructor with a variety of top pros end the years and also currently operates a institution of golf based in ras Vegas. He has actually topped a list of the game"s height teachers together selected through Golf Digest in a inspection of instructors nationwide for 14 right years with 2014."

Q. Who can I market baseball cards to the go back to the 1970s? Also, I desire to get rid of a mounted deer head and mounted trout.

A. You might want to call a neighborhood collectibles store. There are plenty of in the area, consisting of stores in ~ NorthPark mall in Davenport or SouthPark shopping mall in Moline. Some pawn shops likewise will purchase baseball cards.

You might want to contact a regional taxidermy shop concerning the placed deer head and also the placed trout. If they room not interested in purchasing this items, they may have the ability to refer you to a customer who would. You might want to think about a donation to a neighborhood thrift store, museum or perhaps an out themed restaurant.

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Don Doxsie, Quad-City Times sporting activities editor, stated is taken into consideration to it is in the large name in baseball map pricing, but I think you have to subscribe to their company to acquire prices. Various other online baseball map pricing sites you might want to testimonial include:, and


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watch Now: Davenport tiny League All-Stars recieve city award after play on ESPN , to win 3 state titles