Identify covalent and ionic compounds. Recognize the yellowcomic.comical formula of a simple covalent link from the name. Recognize the name of a an easy covalent link from that is yellowcomic.comical formula.

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What aspects make covalent bonds? Covalent bonds kind when two or an ext nonmetals combine. For example, both hydrogen and oxygen room nonmetals, and when they incorporate to make water, they perform so by developing covalent bonds. Compound that space composed of only non-metals or semi-metals with non-metals will screen covalent bonding and also will be classified as molecular compounds.

As a general ascendancy of thumb, compounds the involve a metal binding v either a non-metal or a semi-metal will display screen ionic bonding. Thus, the compound developed from sodium and also chlorine will certainly be ionic (a metal and a non-metal). Nitrogen monoxide (NO) will certainly be a covalently bound molecule (two non-metals), silicon dioxide (SiO2) will be a covalently tied molecule (a semi-metal and a non-metal) and also MgCl2 will be ionic (a metal and also a non-metal).

A polyatomic ion is an ion composed of two or an ext atoms that have a charge as a group (poly = many). The ammonium ion (see number below) consists of one nitrogen atom and also four hydrogen atoms. Together, they comprise a single ion v a 1+ charge and a formula that NH4+. The carbonate ion (see number below) consists of one carbon atom and also three oxygen atoms and also carries an overall charge the 2−. The formula that the carbonate ion is CO32−.

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Example \(\PageIndex2\)

Write the molecule formula because that each compound.

chlorine trifluoride phosphorus pentachloride sulfur dioxide dinitrogen pentoxide


If over there is no numerical prefix ~ above the an initial element’s name, we have the right to assume the there is just one atom the that element in a molecule.

ClF3 PCl5 SO2 N2O5 (The di- prefix on nitrogen suggests that two nitrogen atoms room present.)

Exercise \(\PageIndex2\)

Write the molecule formula for each compound.

nitrogen dioxide dioxygen difluoride sulfur hexafluoride selenium monoxide Answer a:

a. NO2

Answer b:


Answer c:


Answer d:


Because the is so unreactive, sulfur hexafluoride is used as a spark suppressant in electrical devices such as transformers.

Example \(\PageIndex3\)

Write the surname for each compound.

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BrF5 S2F2 CO


bromine pentafluoride disulfur difluoride carbon monoxide

Concept testimonial Exercises

just how do you recognize a covalent compound? What are the rule for creating the molecule formula the a an easy covalent compound? What are the rules for naming a basic covalent compound?


A covalent link is commonly composed of two or more nonmetal elements. It is similar to an ionic compound except that the facet further down and also to the left ~ above the routine table is listed very first and is named with the aspect name. Name the an initial element first and then the second element by using the stem that the facet name to add the suffix -ide. Usage numerical prefixes if there is much more than one atom the the very first element; always use numerical prefixes because that the variety of atoms that the second element.