Darren article is an American comedian who increased to fame for creating and also posting videos together his alter-ego southern Momma. Knight, the self-proclaimed fastest increasing comedian in American history, functioned several weird jobs prior to creating his viral persona. Southern Momma came to be an instant hit locally, and as indigenous spread around Darren’s comedic prowess, his videos at some point attracted countless views.

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Knight has posted several collection on his YouTube page, every revolving roughly Southern Momma. Despite being the source of his fame, southerly Momma hardly ever comes out during Darren’s stand-up shows.

This piece will look in ~ the familial origins of southern Momma, Darren’s stand-up career, his controversies, and also his sexuality. The is unclear even if it is he is gay.

Darren has declined to talk about his sexuality, however the last upgrade he offered on his dating life is the he is single


Most stand-up comedians have faced criticism for supposedly crossing the line once telling their jokes. Darren’s criticism has actually been fairly intense, and he says that that is unfair. In mid-2018, Darren to be booed off the phase for alleged racism and homophobia. Vice interviewed the after the incident, and also he insisted the he is not racist or homophobic. That told HoustonPress that all he wants to do is give human being a great time and also that the doubters simply don’t recognize him. He said:

“I nothing think you need to do a 20-minute segment beating increase a certain race or for their sex-related orientation or stuff choose that. However people in the audience payment to come check out a show. They operated their ass off all week, the last thing they want to hear friend bitch and whine… and I’m simply not gonna perform that.”

Darren believes the his background works to his disadvantage. In one era of too much polarization in America, Knight’s alleged political views have denied him number of opportunities. Darren said Sound and Soul that he doesn’t understand just how his political inclinations impact his output as a comedian:

“The very first words castle ask space ‘Is the a trump card supporter?’ now I ask friend what-in-the-hell that needs to do with the interview from a comedian? I deserve to tell girlfriend one thing, we have a crooked ass world, and also we room treated differently. Ns go unidentified.

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Ns don’t care if your Democrat, Republican… i am an American v values. I think Americans should be everything they want to be.”