If you"ve to be on the net for the past couple months, you"ve most likely noticed part bizarre marketing because that a superhero movie certification Ryan Reynolds -- with Ryan Reynolds" beautiful face hidden 90% the the time.

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Why the mask? Why the weird, discordant hip-hop music? Why the excessive cursing? Because, ladies and gents, this is Deadpool, and he is a superhero that revels in the weird.

We"re right here to give you a lowdown top top the newest Marvel Comics superhero, under the 20th Century Fox flagship, come hit theaters. Seize onto your chimichangas and prepare for a wild ride.

Who is Deadpool?

A trigger-happy mercenary very trained in martial arts and swordsmanship, Deadpool -- real name Wade Wilson -- was given sped up healing powers (making him basically immortal) through the Weapon X program.

Because Deadpool was diagnosed with cancer at the moment of the Weapon X experiment, his cancerous cell regenerate simply as rapidly as his regular cells, do his whole body look heavily scarred (and maybe wreaking havoc on his mind chemistry). Hence the full face mask. And the capacity to casually walk far from being decapitated.

He"s also a huge fan of chimichangas.

What does Deadpool need to do with the X-Men?

Deadpool initially started off together a supervillain come the brand-new Mutants, a team that teenaged X-Men, however eventually became an antihero who dealt with alongside Wolverine, the X-Men and also even number of Avengers.

On the huge screen, Deadpool verified up together the chatty mercenary wade Wilson before that gains his regenerative powers. Reynolds played him in 2009"s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and also although the movie wasn"t so great and pan decried the muting the the famously nicknamed "Merc v a Mouth," Reynolds made enough of one impression in that and in the leaked Deadpool test footage that the studio want him a second time around.

Deadpool make his very first appearance in The brand-new Mutants comics in 1991, co-created by Fabian Nicieza and also Rob Liefeld, who was do in the vein the the DC Comics rogue Deathstroke, having an uncanny same to his costume and also skills (his name, go Wilson is also a play off of Deathstroke"s real name, Slade Wilson).

In a brief time due to the fact that he was produced in the "90s, Deadpool has amassed a large following amongst comic publication readers and also convention-goers. Seriously, everyone dresses up together Deadpool at conventions. Why? due to the fact that he"s a hilarious, self-deprecating, 4th wall-breaking riff off of developed superheroes.

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Deadpool knows he"s in a comic book, and also he point out it out as much as possible, much to the man of his other comic publication characters and to the pleasure of his readers. He even leans into his same to every various other comic publication character -- Deadshot, Deathstroke, type of Spider-Man -- and also turns the entirety thing into a meta-commentary joke.

What Deadpool comics have to I read?

To get a good gist the Deadpool, check these out: