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Not much needs to it is in said about all-time all-timer Michael Jordan or his Hall-of-Fame basketball career. Six NBA Championships, 5 MVP awards and also 14 All-Star games throughout nearly 20 periods with the Chicago Bulls and also Washington Wizards is one easy means to sum it up.

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Jordan is for this reason much much more than one ex-superstar NBA player, NBA Finals and playoffs legend or 1992 Olympic Dream Team participant. The billionaire is worth a fortune many thanks to marketing himself and selling Nike wait Jordan shoes to people throughout the globe. Plus, he owns the Charlotte Hornets.

With ESPN’s The last Dance docuseries now on Netflix and gives viewers a glimpse into Jordan’s playing days, it’s only organic to wonder around His Airness’ personal life. For example, he’s been married twice and also has 5 children. His father was additionally murdered in 1993.

The NBA legend bound the node for the very first time to firstwifeJuanita Vanoy, that won a boatload that money in their divorce settlement. They had actually three youngsters together, two of which played college basketball. The G.O.A.T. Then married Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto, who he had actually two much more children with.

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So, who space Michael Jordan’s kids and also which that them are the heir (or heiress) to Jordan’s kingdom?


Marcus Jordan played Basketball at UCF

Marcus Jordan had himself a ball video game that night, too. Scored 20 points, and also was a clutch 2-for-3 native downtown. #UCF pic.twitter.com/Azp4NDzNJJ

— Bryan Levine (
Bryan_Levine) January 29, 2014

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Marcus James Jordan has actually the same initials as his legend father, and he play the same sport. He never ever made it to the NBA regardless of being the far better basketball player that Jordan’s sons.

Marcus to be born in 1990 and played his high college hoops in ~ Loyola Academy and also Whitney Young in Chicago, Illinois. When Marcus was a sophomore in ~ Loyola, he and older brother Jeffrey led the team come the ideal season in school history.

ESPN rated the mini M.J. The 58th-best shooting guard in the country and he signed come play NCAA basketball with the university of main Florida in Orlando, Florida. UCF had wanted Marcus native the beginning of his recruiting timeline.

“A the majority of schools that come on late, ns didn?t really recognize if they wanted Marcus Jordan, the basketball player, or Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan?s son,” Marcus told UCF Today in 2009.

Marcus Jordan sculpted out a kind career top top UCF’s basketball team. The 6-foot-4 security scored more than 1,100 point out in 3 seasons and averaged 15.2 point out per video game as sophomore and also 13.7 point out per game as a junior.


Despite Marcus complying with in part very large footsteps, he excelled ~ above the court. He could dunk, turning back lay-up and shoot prefer Mike. In 2010, that dropped a career-high 28 clues on West Florida. That exact same season, he led UCF come an upset end the 16th-ranked Florida Gators behind his 18 points.

Controversy surrounded Marcus during his freshman season as soon as he wore his father’s Nike wait Jordan shoes in a game regardless of UCF’s sponsorship resolve Adidas. Adidas reduce the Knights after ~ the incident.

Despite his abilities, Marcus stop UCF’s team in august 2012. He continued taking classes yet apparently dropped out of love through the video game his father as soon as dominated. Perhaps he just needed a Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman by his side.

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Marcus put his hospitality management level to use as soon as he opened up his own shoe store, The Trophy Room, in 2016. The Disney World-based store close up its physics shop in 2019 and also transitioned to virtual sales.