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Is Dumpster Diving legal in north Carolina? 

Is that Illegal come Dumpster Dive in phibìc Carolina? No, the isn’t, however, each municipality is licensed has been granted to that own set of rules.

If you planning to dumpster dive for part cool find you should end up being familiar v the area you’re scavenging and also what the rules are.

In this write-up we have taken the moment to execute some of the research for you. To gain you started, we have pulled apart few of the regulations in the state and also we have actually researched 4 of the biggest cities in phibìc Carolina whereby you could want come explore.

When you’re finished, us hope you will have a far better understanding and also you should be able to answer your own question, is it illegal to dumpster dive in phibìc Carolina?

Dumpster Diving laws in phibìc Carolina


According come the Durham County password of ordinance 20-5 (d) under the section solid garbage receptacles, that is unlawful come remove any type of item from a receptacle, nor is it allowed to rise onto or inside of a solid waste receptacle. The very same laws apply for the receptacles the are located at the recycling centers and also at the Durham ar Residential Convenience Centers.

For additional details and information:

Contact the Durham Police Department: 919-560-4600 OR 919-560-4601

Durham, NC website

Violations and also Penalties because that Dumpster Diving in phibìc Carolina


As previously mentioned, trespassing is taken into consideration a criminal offense; there room two levels to trespassing and you can be slapped with fines of $1000 or much more depending ~ above the level of the crime. Girlfriend can likewise expect to spend up come 150 work in jail.

Most that the dumpsters are situated on private property and the owner don’t have to article a “No Trespassing” authorize for that to be illegal due to the fact that it is automatically considered trespassing when you action foot onto private property. 


You might not establish that even if friend do have permission to it is in in a dumpster, there are vandalism laws that friend will must consider. In the state of phibìc Carolina one of the most common charges is injury to genuine property. What walk that median exactly? It refers to anything that is addressed to the land; fences and buildings space perfect examples. If you’re throwing things from the dumpster and you damages a fence or rest a window, you have the right to be charged v vandalism. If the court proves the you willfully or wantonly damaged, injured, or ruined the property, you might be charged v a course 1 misdemeanor and you will challenge hefty fines along with some prison time.

The ideal thing you have the right to do is be ethical if you do a mistake, but much more importantly just be careful not to ruin the home you space on.


Something you can not think about is littering laws. If you don’t clean up after yourself, you might be faced with fines as much as $1000 and also that’s simply for a 1st offense. If did you do it been caught littering in the past, climate you could be compelled to do neighborhood service and also pay a fine as high together $2000.

Consider taking a broom and also a dustpan through you to clean up her mess prior to you leaving the area.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct in north Carolina is taken into consideration a class 2 misdemeanor and you will certainly be looking in ~ jail time if you are charged through this crime. 

Disorderly conduct is an action that causes a disturbance to other people. There are many things that fall under this category, yet the ones the relate to dumpster diving the most are:

Refusal to leave after you’ve to be asked to perform so.Blocking access to a company or causing a disturbance come a business.Fighting or threaten violence.Using venomous gestures or language that can reason a fight.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is additionally a crime. If you are captured stealing an additional person’s an individual information for the use of opening credit transaction accounts and also other vicious acts of crimes, you have the right to be sentenced as much as 80 months in jail and facing fines of approximately $50,000. In the state of north Carolina, the victim is additionally entitled to sue for damages in a civil court.

General Rules because that Dumpster Diving in phibìc Carolina

If you want to go dumpster diving in the state of north Carolina, you should take into consideration a few things prior to you collection out on her adventure. 


Never enter onto private property also if there space no signs posted since you will still be thought about as trespassing.Clean up after you yourself so that you are not faced with a littering fine.If she asked come leave, climate leave. There is no require for an dispute or nasty gestures. Nothing forget that those things can lead you to jail because that disorderly conduct.If you view something v someone’s private information, disregard it and keep digging for something the is of value to you. Don’t risk identity theft, it’s no worth all the moment you will spend in jail.

Before diving in because that the funny stuff, take into factor to consider the following safety tips:

Always wear gloves. Friend don’t want to risk obtaining poked by miscellaneous dangerous, not to cite how dirty it can be in there.Wear protective goggles or glasses. Your eyes room important and also just choose with your hands, your eyes can obtain poked and scratched together well. Liquids could likewise get right into your eyes and cause permanent damage, don’t hazard it.Use a pole to dig v the dumpster. If you use a pole or a long broom handle to move things around, then you won’t need to put her hands and also arms all the method in.Wear lengthy sleeves and pants. Be certain to cover your arms and also legs, leaving your skin exposed can reason severe damage.Always wear close toed shoes. Just like the exposure to other parts of your body, you desire to save your feet covered as well. It would also be a great idea to wear pair of shoes or boots with solid rubber soles that will certainly grip well. 

Final Thoughts

So, is it illegal come dumpster dive in phibìc Carolina? Technically no, that is not, but just like every state, there are different ordinances in each municipality. Make sure you understand where the dumpster is located and the regulations in the area prior to you take it a opportunity of committing a crime. Psychic that most of the dumpsters are positioned on personal property and also there doesn’t need to be a authorize posted because that you to be thought about trespassing ~ above the property. 

If you are curious or girlfriend need an ext information, the phibìc Carolina room of environmental Quality have the right to answer your questions.

Check the end our article on the best places come dumpster dive.

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