350 Stevens point held a crash course on how to dumpster dive referred to as Dumpster Diving 101.Mchailey Johnson, vice chairman of the organization, command the conversation on the “do’s and also don’ts” the diving.

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The talk was a monitor up event to their demonstration top top Thursday April 12, once the company covered the Sundial in food they had collected from dumpsters. The demonstration to be to show how lot food is wasted through displaying food collected by the organization from dumpsters in and also around Stevens Point.

“It’s an extremely confusing that we’ve produced this mechanism where human being are starving yet we waste for this reason much,” Johnson said.


Food waste on screen in DeBot. Picture by Ross Vetterkind

Johnson also shared statistics ~ above food garbage in the U.S. Over 21 percent of garbage is food waste follow to the environmental Protection Agency. According to the United claims Department that Agriculture, 30 to 40 percent of food in the U.S. Is wasted annually.

Johnson pointed out, “we space so privileged to have so many alternatives in our grocery store stores that we refuse to expropriate anything less than everything, always.”

After showing these shocking facts, Johnson relocated on to talk around how to dumpster dive and also retrieve the food the is tho edible.

The very first point in the presentation was to recognize your rights. Dumpster diving is no illegal in the state that Wisconsin, Johnson said, unless however the dumpster is behind a locked door or over there is a “No trespassing” sign.

“The ideal time to go is night time. Ns go at night because its once I’m free,” Johnson said. “Always go v a girlfriend or group of friends together a dominion of safety.”

Johnson also said the fall and winter are ideal times to go dumpster diving since the cool temperatures keep most that the food better and deserve to keep the smell down.

“the extended winter us just obtained has to be a blessing to save food longer,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said that the ideal gear is comfortable apparel that covers most of her body and shoes you nothing mind obtaining dirty.

The final element is come share findings on social media. “Don’t bash a business because they throw the end X variety of things, education the community by speak things prefer ‘hey, this is what us throw out’ and hashtag that so others can see,” Johnson said.

Jessycah Anderson, the organization’s president suggested hashtags favor “#foodwaste, #foodwastefiasco, #free, #dumpster and also #socialchange” space the best and also most typical tags come use.

Mark Cook, the organization’s treasurer stated his ideal find was a packaged and sealed peppered salmon that was tho cold and also some focaccia bread. One more time, he found a whole situation of unopened popular music tarts that were trashed since the boxes to be sliced open.

“You realize just how much is wasted as soon as you dive. For this reason many world could be eating this stuff,” Johnson said.

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If anyone wishes to inspect out 350 Stevens Point, they are reachable ~ above SPIN and typically meet Monday night from 8-9 p.m. In the college of expert Studies room 116, the Parkhurst lecture hall. They’d be happy to take anyone diving with them if they great to join them on your adventures.