Hello Kitty is not a cat – at least that’s what Sanrio expects civilization to believe.

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Despite the fact that the cartoon cat has actually whiskers and pointy cat ears, Hello Kitty is allegedly a walking, talk two-legged tiny girl “with a love of gold” who stays in England with her parents and twin sister Mimmy, follow to her backstory ~ above the main fan site, SanrioTown.com.

Her favorite color is red, she is a Scorpio and her hobbies incorporate jamming the end to her favorite music, eating cookies and her mom’s apple pies, collecting cute things, play the piano and also making brand-new friends.

The news shocked countless who had thought that if is looks like a cat, is referred to as Kitty, climate it should be a cat.

“Hello Kitty is a cat. She has whiskers and also a cat nose. Girl don’t look favor that. Avoid this nonsense,” singer mock Groban tweeted Wednesday.

Hello Kitty is a cat. She has actually whiskers and a cat nose. Girl don't look choose that. Stop this nonsense.

— josh groban (
joshgroban) august 27, 2014

“I like exactly how something that is obviously a cat in not just the method it looks but its name, “is no a cat.” #SMDH #HelloKitty,” user
mebclowd09 fumed.

“So confusing. How can she no be a cat? #HelloKitty,” tweeted Filipina TV host, Bianca Gonzalez.

“OK, for this reason Hello Kitty is no a kitty! She is a girl with whiskers and cat ears?! #feelingconfused #hellokittyisnotacat #HelloKitty,” created Cynthia Maglio.

Splash NewsThe shocking revelation to be uncovered once anthropologist Christine R. Yano was putting together one exhibit in ~ a Los Angeles museum to commemorate the character’s 40th anniversary, the Los Angeles times reported.

When Kitty’s designer, Sanrio, read Yano’s script for the show, the company urged her to do the significant correction.

“Hello Kitty is no a cat,” Yano stated she was told by Sanrio. “She’s a cartoon character. She is a tiny girl. She is a friend. However she is not a cat.”

“She’s never depicted on every fours,” she added. “She walks and also sits choose a two-legged creature. She does have actually a pet cat of she own, however, and also it’s dubbed Charmmy Kitty.”

Others that were also baffled end the announcement made decision to take it the comedic route and also publicly ridiculed and also disputed Sanrio’s claims.

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“We deserve to confirm, Snoopy IS a dog,” the Peanuts company quipped on twitter.

We have the right to confirm, Snoopy IS a dog.