Last weekend ns went playing airsoft through some friends and also we were joined by our friend who is a newcomer come the human being of airsoft. That bought the gun and also wanted to take turn off an orange pointer so he began asking us need to he take it it off and how to perform it. If you were wondering the same, climate the first thing you should know is why perform airsoft firearms have one orange tip?

As airsoft weapons are pretty realistic replicas the real-life weapons, many Airsoft guns have an orange tip on the barrel because that safety functions as the helps differentiate them from real weapons. The is no illegal for gun owner to eliminate an orange tip yet you must understand that you’re act it in ~ your very own risk. Without an orange guideline it is an extremely hard come tell the difference in between an airsoft gun and a actual firearm i beg your pardon could cause you a lot of problems, especially with law-enforcement officers. However this additionally depends on whereby you live as there space some components of the world, like France, Bulgaria or Hong Kong, where an orange reminder is no required.

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What are The Pros and also Cons Of remove The Orange reminder Of an Airsoft Gun?How execute I remove Orange tip From Airsoft Gun?Can I simply Paint The Orange guideline On an Airsoft Gun?

Why Is over there An Orange reminder On Airsoft Guns?

Originating in Japan in the beforehand 1970s, airsoft is a vain team shooting sport similar to paintball where players interact in simulated total combats. Airsoft firearms are air-powered weapons that shoot 6 or 8mm plastic round projectiles (called BBs) in ~ a high speed.

airsoft weapons orange tip

Airsoft is legit in most parts of the civilization although there space some countries where airsoft is illegal (Australia) or prohibition (China). Many airsoft weapons are realistic replicas that existing guns so most countries where airsoft is legal, call for bright markings on the guns, such together an orange tip so that they are conveniently distinguishable from real weapons. Distributors and also sellers room forbidden to take the orange pointer off, while you together an owner can take it turn off which is not recommended in most countries.

But keep in mind that there space some components of the world, like Hong Kong, France, and Bulgaria, where it is no mandatory to have actually an orange tip.

When walk They Start placing Orange tips On Toy Guns?

Toy weapons have been approximately for a long, long time, yet modern history begins with the lid gun which gone into the mainstream in the 1950s many thanks to the popular of west movies. The first BB total was developed in 1886 and also scared parents due to the fact that that gun actually worked.

Starting in the 1970s anti-gun activists requested the regulation or ban of the manufacture and sale of toy and BB guns as they asserted BB weapons were dangerous and also could reason serious injuries. Yet toy and also BB weapons didn’t concerned focus of federal lawmakers till the late 1980s, when the federal Imitation Gun law was happen which forced that manufacturers should modify your toy guns to make them look much less realistic.

So, in October 1992, the U.S. Department of commerce issued brand-new regulations and also the manufacture and sale that toy weapons were prohibited uneven they have actually clear markings that distinguish them from genuine weapons. Native 1992 all toy firearms must have actually an orange guideline on their barrel or need to be completely brightly fancy (white, glowing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple).

Do I need to Keep The Orange pointer On mine Airsoft Gun? Is it Illegal To remove Or repaint The Orange reminder From an Airsoft Gun?

In most nations the law requires airsoft total manufacturers and also sellers that they have to put a minimum 6mm large blaze orange reminder on the gun barrel, to protect against confusion with real weapons.

But because that you as an owner of one airsoft gun, that is not illegal or forbidden to remove an orange guideline from one airsoft gun. There are no legislations stating girlfriend can’t do this. Again this counts from country to county. For instance in most countries in the joined States, the is not illegal to eliminate or repaint over the orange tip yet it is illegal to eliminate the orange guideline from one airsoft gun in California. And if you’re caught you’ll salary a hefty fine. So if you decision to eliminate or repaint an orange tip very first check the legislation in her country.

airsoft firearms orange tip

However, together I claimed earlier, for safety factors it is no recommended to take the orange tip off as someone can confuse airsoft replica with a actual gun.

Imagine a situation if a police officer look at you through an airsoft gun without an orange tip. A police officer would certainly react choose it is a genuine gun because he can’t distinguish your airsoft replica indigenous a genuine firearm. Ns don’t understand if you heard yet there were several instances in the United claims where world carrying or brandishing airsoft firearms have to be shot by legislation enforcement officers. More than likely the most known is the case of Tamir Rice, a 12-year old boy, who was eliminated on 22 November 2014 by a police officer since he was pointing his airsoft replica without an orange reminder at people.

What space The Pros and also Cons Of removing The Orange pointer Of an Airsoft Gun?

If your country allows you to remove an orange tip and also you decide to carry out so, please use it in ~ the airsoft field or on your private property. Don’t brandish your airsoft total in public particularly if you remove an orange tip.

That being said, there space actually part pros of remove an orange pointer of an airsoft gun, but additionally some cons.

Pros of removed The Orange tip of an Airsoft Gun

Let’s an initial take a look in ~ what room the pros of removed an orange tip:

It provides your replica look more realistic – her gun will definitely look better and much more realistic if you eliminate an orange tip. Also, this adds come realism feel on the airsoft battlefield particularly if you’re into MilSim wherein realism is that utmost importance. Better concealment – remove an orange tip permits your total to much more easily mix in with your environment. If you desire to play stealthy or camouflage you yourself you don’t want an orange tip damaging your concealment. Also, orange tips space surprisingly glowing in a dark room, so if you are hiding somewhere you don’t desire the guideline on your gun providing away your position.

Cons of removing The Orange reminder of one Airsoft Gun

And currently let’s take it a look at at some of the cons of removing an orange tip:

Safety / Confusion – together I already said orange guideline is there because that a reason as it helps identify airsoft guns from a actual weapons. If you eliminate an orange tip, it can lead to many potentially attention situations, especially with regulation enforcement officers. Warranty – if you eliminate an orange tip most airsoft retailers will refuse to repair or change a gun, also if it’s still under warranty. Potential damages to the gun – on many airsoft firearms it’s relatively easy to eliminate it, yet on part guns, it have the right to be lot more complicated which might damage the barrel and threads of your gun.

How perform I remove Orange reminder From Airsoft Gun?

Before removing an orange reminder from your gun, first, you should determine exactly how is pointer attached to your gun. There space three methods they can be attached to her airsoft total – allen screw, pin, and also glue.

Take a look in ~ flash hider and if you view a solitary allen screw only, you room lucky. Take it the screw out with allen crucial and then screw turn off the tip with plier or wrench counterclockwise.

If you see a pin on speed hider than the procedure is a little an ext complicated. A pin deserve to be linked with the screw or v the glue. First, you have to remove a little bit of plastic roughly the pin before you have the right to take pen out. After ~ that, you deserve to proceed through removing one orange tip.

And if one orange pointer on your gun is glued, there are a couple of ways to remove it indigenous an airsoft gun and it actually relies on what kind of reminder you have. Airsoft pistol tips have the right to be plastic and also metal.

How To eliminate Plastic reminder From an Airsoft Gun?

You need to be cautious when removing the plastic pointer from your gun as it can quickly break leaving the inside part of the reminder stuck within the gun.

So to remove it properly you very first need to warmth the adhesive that’s within the barrel. The best way to perform this is to placed a barrel in warm water because that a few minutes. Friend can also use an open fire but I advise versus it together you can damage your pistol if exposed to extreme heat. So when the glue is heated take a tool like pliers and also wiggle the reminder in all directions to obtain it the end of the barrel.

How to Remove steel Tip from An Airsoft Gun?

Metal tips are much simpler to remove than plastic ones. As they are metal they can’t break prefer plastic persons so girlfriend don’t need to be careful like when removing the plastic tip. So to remove steel tip simply grab pliers and unscrew it from the gun.

Can I affix Orange Tip ago To The Airsoft Gun? deserve to I gain Replacement guideline For Airsoft Gun?

If friend still have actually a steel tip for her gun and didn’t break anything while removing it, you deserve to put it back on your gun. And also if you lost it or rest it, it appears you can acquire a replacement orange tip. I did a research on this subject however to be moral I didn’t uncovered much information. However I uncovered that part retailers, choose Airsoft Megastore and also Evike are marketing these replacement orange tips however make sure with them the these tips will fit her airsoft replica.

If girlfriend detached orange pointer or to buy it choose that, and also you’re worried, the other means to fix this problem is to spray the pointer of the barrel through orange spray.

Can I simply Paint The Orange tip On an Airsoft Gun?

So if you made decision that you want to eliminate that ugly orange tip however don’t desire to remove it fully to avoid losing a guarantee or damaging your gun, you deserve to simply repaint the orange tip. However there space two ways to carry out this, one will certainly still result in warranty lose while the other won’t.

Paint The Orange tip On an Airsoft Gun v Spray Paint

The very first and the easiest an approach is to buy spray paint. Yet keep in mind, while girlfriend can’t damages your gun making use of this method, you’ll probably shed warranty if you just paint over the orange tip. If the doesn’t bother you store reading. Otherwise, skip come the following section.

Before painting, make certain to defend the parts of the barrel and also replica you’re not going come paint. You can tape the barrel and also use the newspaper to cover the rest of her gun. As well as spray paint, I indicate that you obtain a clean coat also as it protects the primary paint so that doesn’t acquire scratched easily. So, defend your replica, very closely spray repaint the orange tip and also then apply a clean coat for protection.

Paint The Orange reminder On an Airsoft Gun v Rubber Coating

Another means to paint the orange pointer on her replica is to usage a rubber coating product, like PlastiDip. PlastiDip is one air-dry, rubber coating that is flexible, insulating, non-slip, and durable yet most crucial it is peelable. That means that you can just peel far the rubber paint if you have to take a gun to your seller, and you’ll still have an initial orange tip on her replica. If you don’t desire to shed a vouch for your replica 보다 this method is better than spray paint.


Orange guideline on one airsoft total is there because that a reason so probably you should think twice before removing it particularly if friend live in a country where that is forbidden to remove it. However you must understand that owning and also handling an airsoft gun requires maturity and responsibility. For this reason orange reminder or no orange tip never lug your airsoft weapon there is no a case or take it the end in the public since it is very easy to confuse it with actual gun particularly if you eliminate the tip.

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And if you decide to perform it, usage your airsoft gun only on specialized airsoft areas or top top your exclusive property. If you’re no sure need to you take pointer off or don’t want to eliminate it permanently, you deserve to paint the tip with black shade or placed black tape end the orange tip as soon as playing ~ above the airsoft field and also remove the tape once you finish playing on one airsoft field.