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For the many part, I disregard what my next-door neighbors are doing simply due to the fact that it"s no one of mine business. However, for the past two nights, our home has actually been harassed through this family living on our street, on ours block, and I"ve around had sufficient of this people. The residence they are living in is there is no water, without electricity, lock have children living in the home and also from I"ve been told, they haven"t paid any bills concerned the house in a long while.Well, for the past two nights, their kids have to be messing around our home and last night, they choose to egg the prior door of our home. Now, if I"m not a vindictive person, I"m about to document a complaint with son Protective Services since their youngsters are an alleged to have a safe setting to live in added to the fact that lock aren"t managing their kids either.I sleep in ~ night through two wooden baseball bats and if ns had captured them, lock would have been top top a rapid trip to the hospital and also then to the lockup at the county jail. The just reason I recognize it to be these children is since our ar from throughout the street saw a pair of them running away from ours home.How execute you guys address something choose this, especially when you"re compelled into filing a complaint versus a family members in a instance like the above? I hate filing this complaint, but I feel that this has pushed me right into filing this complaint through CPS as well as with the city for this family members living in a house that has no running water or power. My mommy has also said that she has never seen any type of power in ~ this home and that several of the family has been known to sleep ~ above the porch throughout the night.