I have actually an old (no much more than 5 or 6 years) Compaq the I"m planning come re-purpose. The motherboard and CPU should be replaced however I"m walking to have the ability to re-use the tough drive and optical drives. I"d likewise like to have the ability to re-use the case. I"d heard that some Compaq (as well as Dell, HP, etc...) build motherboards v non-standard form-factors that just they (the vender) use. Just how would I have the ability to determine if the instance can take it a conventional form-factor or if it only takes a distinct Compaq form-factor? The situation itself is a standard, mid-tower size.

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motherboard situation form-factor
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In all likelihood, if the mechanism uses a proprietary form-factor, it more than likely won"t be the actual physics dimensions (width, length) that space the problem yet rather the location of materials on the backplane and of the standoff holes.

If the backplane is unusual, you have the right to probably/hopefully simply pop in a compatible bezel (figure 1), despite the case may no be draft to assistance replacing the bezel (you may have the ability to just cut a hole).

If the standoff holes (figure 2) room in the not correct place, then you may have actually to uncover other way of securing the plank to the case, or if you space lucky, possibly secure that with just one or two screws.

FormFactors.org has a substantial list the form-factors because that motherboards, power-supplies, and also other components, with links to PDFs the the specifications for each that incorporate dimensions and mounting-hole placements.

Figure 1: range of bezels:


Figure 2: Standoff holes:


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Hate to short article a connect to Wikipedia, yet this page has all the maximum dimension dimensions of a remarkable number of motherboard sizes and kind factors. Most likely a great place come start as soon as measuring.

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Look at the wiki connect Josh posted. As you heard, many OEMs used to construct their mobos to whatever size they pleased. Indigenous what I have actually seen more recently (past 10 year or so) OEMs do construct their motherboards to "normal" standards, though they execute something silly prefer putting a metal peg in their instance that rod up v a specially cut hole in your mobo (I"m lookin at you Sony) or angling a edge of the mobo and putting a item of steel in the instance where the edge was cut off (I"m lookin in ~ you Dell). This is excellent to avoid you from re-purposing her case. The solution in both situations is simple; an outbreak the dremel and also go to work-related on the item of steel (AFTER remove all electronic devices from your instance of course).

I"ll step out ~ above a limb and say your case most most likely accepts an mATX, however again, verify this by measuring her old mobo and also comparing the outcomes to the Wiki link.

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answer Jul 17 "12 at 17:47

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