As it is for sure to revolve on the lights all night, people can get puzzled when they are awake. This power saving moon lamp burns the indistinguishable of a 20 watt light bulb. Some people prefer come sleep at night. Is it safe to leaving the desk lamp on overnight? have the right to Himalayan salt moon lamp be turn on overnight and also how can it be believed of together a night moon lamp? We will tell girlfriend if that is safe to remain overnight and also why you need to leave the lamps.

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Is maintaining HimalayanLamps top top harmful or safe?

Many human being are worried about leaving your lamps on throughout their sleep. The concern that often arises is, is it safe to leave her lamp top top overnight? The prize is yes, due to the fact that the lamp has actually a an extremely low voltage bulb that heats the lamp.

However, the lamp bulb is no hot enough to burn astone or timber base. However, there is worry that the switch itself might catchfire.

In 2017, there to be a recall that 80,000 Himalayan saltlamps with a broken switch. Once purchasing a salt lamp, make sure the lampcomes v a UL certified switch.

This means that the switch has been certified and tested by UL to prevent failure. As a result, salt lamps can safely continue to be lit in ~ night. Simply be sure to buy a salt desk lamp from a trusted company.


Now the we understand that lamps are safe, let’s considerwhy lamps are terrific as night lights.

First, we have the right to turn ~ above a Himalayan salt lamp v adimmer switch that doesn’t have the brightest setting. In the lowest lightingsetting, a salt lamp deserve to be for this reason dim that it acts together a perfect night light.

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Like lamps have manybenefits that people love

The dim Himalayas the beautiful appearance of thislamp is an extremely comfortable. An atmosphere of dim irradiate helps girlfriend to calm downduring stressful times. I imply you shot next time you walk to sleep.


If youalready have a Himalayan lamp, ns recommend you store one in your room and also keepit downstairs. Most people find it safeto leave the lamp on in ~ night if sleeping. See if it help you sleepbetter. If you have a desk lamp in her room,