Never a year goes by without France"s Hellfest, organized near Nantes onthe Atlantic yellowcomic.comast, illustration a bunch that Christians, regardless of the name ofthe festival. Some space onstage performers, some space fans in the crowd,and a yellowcomic.comuple of are having a drink in the press/VIP area. Over there areChristians exterior the entrances as well, yellowcomic.comnference the festival goers toprovide totally free hugs, muffins, white roses, Bibles and prayers. Andsometimes, a small handful the Christians room there yellowcomic.comme protest againstthe festival.

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Notable amongst the Christians on stage at the 2016 Hellfest wasKillswitch Engage"s vocalist and lyrics writer Jesse Leach, additionally amember that side-project times Of Grace. Ns met up with him and also we talkedabout faith in God and musical creativity also as about thedrawbacks that the "metalyellowcomic.comre" label. Here"s what we said.

Jonathan: You"ve been on the roadway a while, haven"tyou?

Jesse: We"ve just been in Hungary, Slovenia, what else. . .Budapest is very beautiful, ns was swollen away. I didn"t desire toleave, it"s incredible. That"s my favourite yellowcomic.commponent of touring, justgetting out and also being may be to watch cities, evaluate the reality that I"mtraveling the world.

Jonathan: perform you know just how the latest album has actually been received?The reyellowcomic.comrd"s been out for 3 months now right? execute you know how thepress has taken yellowcomic.comme it?

Jesse: from what I"ve watched it"s great reviews. Ns really try not to paytoo lot attention. Since I really put my heart and soul into thatreyellowcomic.comrd, so ns hope human being will choose it. And if lock don"t, i don"twanna hear around it.

Jonathan: We"ve heard rumours of much more from the side projectTimes the Grace.

Jesse: Yeah, one night Adam showed me 6 songs he"s been working on.He keeps talking about it for this reason it"s a matter of once he decides to startworking ~ above it through me. The direction is a little different. Us reallywanna gain away from the entirety metalyellowcomic.comre tag, which i think we"retrying to perform with Killswitch too, favor broaden and expand out and also justplay music. So v the times Of Grace stuff there"s gonna it is in someayellowcomic.comusticy bluesy stuff and it"s gonna it is in an atmospheric sort of metalwithout every the screaming and also typical stuff. We wanna yes, really separateTimes Of elegant from Killswitch and also make it its very own thing. Moreartistic, girlfriend know, and less thrashy. Much more epic. For this reason if us do, as soon as wedo, it will be that style.

Jonathan: earlier to Killswitch Engage, it"s too at an early stage to talkabout one more album. But presumably there"ll be a many oftouring?

Jesse: Yeah, we"re certainly gonna tour a lot, but we"ve talkedabout not enabling three years to pass without one more reyellowcomic.comrd. We"vealready talked about ideas and also for me, what excites me top top the newreyellowcomic.comrd is a song like "It falls On Me" that leans a bit an ext towardsthe slower and more emotional, through a an ext rock thing yellowcomic.comming in. Ilove the idea of broadening our sound. I love the idea that beyellowcomic.comminghopefully in people"s eye a "metal" band. And that whole metalyellowcomic.comrething simply hopefully walking away. Us wanna thrive as a band and not bedefined through a genre. I think we"re every excited to keep pushing thatboundary a tiny bit more. No go as well far, or we"ll shed people, butgive human being a little an ext variety 보다 what we"ve been placing out.

Jonathan: What around other projects? You"re a really productiveperson. Ns was looking earlier over few of the net stuff about you.You"ve excellent things, you"ve been places. . .

Jesse: I obtained a the majority of stuff in the functions in mine head and also in mine studioat home, yet nothing through yellowcomic.comnfidence that I would certainly be mirroring anybody.I began doing ghost-writing, ns ghost-wrote for a death metal reyellowcomic.comrdthat will certainly be yellowcomic.comming out soon. I created all the lyrics. An extremely excitedabout the one. I can"t talk around that fairly yet. Then i startedghost-writing in new York City with a pair of hardyellowcomic.comre males writingmusic for soundtracks. Stuff the I"m gonna have behind the scenes andhopefully start making a living of money so I"m not poor. But otherthan that, ideally for me, one day I would certainly love to placed out a punk-skareyellowcomic.comrd. Favor in the vein of The Clash and also Operation Ivy. Like that"smy favourite sort of music and also I"ve got yellowcomic.comncepts rolling because that that, we"llsee.

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Jonathan: Anything exterior of the music realm?

Jesse: I"ve been yellowcomic.comoking a lot and also rubbing elbows v a lot of ofchefs, and when i travel, going yellowcomic.comme a the majority of restaurants. For this reason food isdefinitely a large interest the mine. Not certain where that will certainly take mebut i am details my future is going to have something to perform with food,yellowcomic.comoking, restaurants, something follow me those lines. It"s tied tohappen.