In the long rich background of family Groups in American roots Music, THE CHAPIN household has a unique place. Once these singers, songwriters and extraordinary live performers come together, magic happens. Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, Abigail Chapin and also Lily Chapin are all an effective musical artists that have active careers and also multiple recordings, that just happen to it is in related, and also who love making music together.

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The Chapin family presents bother Chapin: A celebration In Songfeaturing: Tom Chapin, The Chapin Sisters and also Steve Chapin

TOM CHAPIN, The 3 time Grammy award winning singer / songwriter has maintained 2 long and productive parallel musical careers, both together a respected modern-day folk artist and as a pioneer in the ar of children’s music. His newest CD, Threads, attributes songs the hope, possibility, love and family. That is on the board of WhyHunger and remains active in a range of eco-friendly causes, as well as efforts on behalf of music and the arts in our public schools.

STEVE CHAPIN, singer/songwriter and also Clio compensation winner, and the multi-talented producer, director, pianist, and also vocalist that arranged and also led Harry’s Band. The enduring heritage of Harry’s music is alive and well every time Steve and his tape take the stage to execute their stunning recreations of Harry’s most well-loved songs and Steve’s own beautiful tunes.

THE CHAPIN SISTERS, “Prepare to lose your soul,” claims L.A. Record of brothers Abigail and Lily Chapin, who seventh recording, Ferry Boat, to be released top top April 30 top top Loantaka Records. Make music the The brand-new York time praises together “tantalizingly close come beauty,” The Chapin Sisters carry on a proud household musical legacy. Due to the fact that 2005 the sisters have garnered critical acclaim through forging a distinctive music imprint in which castle “wed lilting voices, dynamically facility vocal harmonies, and also folk-influenced melodies to dark, wryly sarcastic lyrical content,” note Amazon.com in an editorial review.

Harry Chapin (1942 – 1981) was among our most passionate, political, prolific and inspiring songwriters. Author and also singer of standard songs like “Taxi,” “Mr. Tanner,” “Mail order Annie” and also “W•O•L•D.” A terrible auto accident in 1981 cut Harry’s life short, however he left behind a body of occupational that his fans continue to treasure decades after his death. He is also remembered as a good humanitarian: publicly advocate and educator, fund-raiser, musician, writer, filmmaker, Harry believed in believing. Since of his extraordinary contributions, bother Chapin to be posthumously awarded the special Congressional yellow Medal in 1987.

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The Chapin family has been functioning to hit hunger because Harry Chapin established WhyHunger in 1975.