Let’s be honest… we’ve to be through sufficient this year. And also I make an oath one small thing can tip me over the edge in ~ this point. Something like, ns don’t know, security an absurd amount of money and time making Christmas dinner.

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And if that doesn’t tip me end the edge, Christmas leftovers sit in the ago of the refrigerator slowly farming things that will eventually look favor eyeballs while my family complains, “There’s precise no food!” will certainly surely be the finish of what I have actually left because that sanity this year. Possibly forever.

(Actual footage of my future response)

If that sounds prefer you, here’s a gift: a finish list of 35 restaurants open up on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Just because I value the tiny bits that sanity left in this upsidedown world.

1. Starbucks


Find Starbucks near me

Starbucks happens to it is in a franchise the opens and also closes at various times, also on a common day. For this reason it’s finest to check with your local Starbucks before you head out for a possible large cup o’ disappointment.

Starbucks Christmas Hours: depends on locations

2. McDonald’s


Find McDonald’s close to me

McDonald’s is usually open on Christmas eve, yet not all places will be open on Christmas day. Though, the bulk likely will be this year – also if the hours are limited. But, again, it’s ideal if you contact to simply confirm what’s going on.

McDonald’s Christmas Hours: relies on location

3. Boston Market


Find Boston market near me

Boston Market’s holiday hours vary extensively by location. Some are only open ~ above Christmas Eve, when others are open throughout special hrs on Christmas Day. Contact ahead. But if they’re closed on Christmas Day, order her holiday enjoy the meal on Christmas Eve and also re-heat it on Christmas Day.

Boston sector Christmas Hours: 11 a.m. Come 3 p.m.

4. Panda Express


Find Panda Express close to Me

Chinese takeout is a favorite vacation feast because that many, and also Panda Express can be her go-to for Christmas dinner. There’s no firm policy in place regarding holiday hours, with the decision to remain open up on Christmas left approximately the basic manager of every store. If you room ordering because that the entirety gang, try a family Feast, which consists of three large entrees and two big sides. This will certainly feed approximately five civilization for $30.

Panda express Christmas Hours: 11 a.m. To 10 p.m.

5. Dominos


Find Domino’s close to me

Don’t want to readjust out of her holiday onesie top top Christmas Day? notified a pizza for distribution is a hard option. Dominos is among the pizza places open on Christmas, yet hours of procedure vary by place so call ahead to it is in sure. And if your desired location is closed, remember the pizzas re-heat unique in the oven.

Dominos Christmas Hours: 10:30 to 12 p.m.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts


Find Dunkin’s near me

Coffee cravings don’t stop just because it’s Christmas. Fortunately, numerous Dunkin’ locations are open up on December 25, but their hrs may be limited during the day.

Dunkin’ Christmas Hours: relies on location

7. Del Taco


Find Del Taco near me

It’s COVID Christmas – you deserve to eat whatever you want. And if it’s mexican fare you’re hope for, you may be in luck. Select Del Taco places are open all day on Christmas. Indigenous greasy tacos to burritos and also nachos, over there is naught on the menu that looks remotely choose a vacation ham and green bean – but maybe that’s no such a poor thing.

Del Taco Christmas Hours: 6 a.m. To 2 a.m

8. Denny’s


Find Denny’s close to me

While most of the civilization shuts down on December 25, Denny’s gears up for its busiest day of the year. All Denny’s areas are – or need to be in concept – open up on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Denny’s Christmas Hours: 24/7

9. Buca Di Beppo


Find Buca Di Beppo near me

Although hours may vary, Buca Di Beppo will be open up on Christmas eve and Christmas day. And if you forgot to make reservations or just don’t desire to address day-of stuff, you can order Christmas meals-to-go and also reheat ~ above the day of.

Buca Di Beppo Christmas Hours: relies on location

10. Ruby Tuesday


Find Ruby Tuesday near me

Ruby Tuesday is commonly closed ~ above Christmas Day and open ~ above Christmas Eve, however they have actually surprised united state in years past. The hasn’t been announced however whether or not they arrangement to proceed that tradition in other locations of the country, however it’s worth calling your neighborhood restaurant to ask.

Ruby Tuesday Christmas Hours: relies on location

11. IHOP


Find IHOP close to me

IHOP has actually a call for being open up on Christmas Day. And also while the diner loves to litter a curveball at united state every now and then (queue the International residence of Burgers fiasco), us don’t view this year’s holiday being any kind of different. To make her day as cheery as possible, IHOP remains open up 24 hours.

IHOP Christmas Hours: 24/7

12. Buffalo Wild Wings


Find Buffalo Wild Wings close to me

Technically, Buffalo wings isn’t open up on Christmas. Yet they kind of are since they’re open Christmas Eve till 2 a.m. Christmas day. For this reason if you’re supervisor into having actually wings on the 25th and willing to stay up till Santa arrives, you have the right to grab her wings in the wee hours of Christmas.

Buffalo Wild wing Christmas Hours: 11 a.m. To 2 a.m

13. Benihana


Find Benihana close to me

For a classy dining experience on Christmas Day, Benihana episode & Japenese Steakhouse is fantastic choice. Pick Benihana restaurants are open up on Christmas, but tables have tendency to fill up easily at this hotspot, so contact ahead or visit their website to make a reservation for lunch or dinner.

Benihana Christmas Hours: 11:30 a.m. To 10 p.m

14. Applebee’s


Find Applebee’s close to me

Most Applebee’s areas will remain open up on Christmas. That course, this decision is up to the supervisors at your neighborhood location. We certainly recommend calling front on this one to gain their save hours.

Applebee’s Christmas hours: depends on location

15. Bonefish Grill


Find Bonefish Grill near me

Bonefish Grill hrs will additionally vary from location to place come Xmas, yet most will certainly remain open on the holiday. And also don’t forget that family bundles can feed approximately 5 people and clock in under $50. Therefore if you’re cautious with her selection, reheating could be a pretty great option if you order one early.

Bonefish Grill Christmas hours: relies on location

16. Woodpecker through David Burke


Located in brand-new York, NY

We have the right to safely say the this one does not vary by location. Mostly since there’s only one location. However, their Christmas hrs haven’t been released – when we composed this – so you’ll need to check-in and see exactly how late they’re open on Christmas. However, they’ve historically grounding to their common hours.

Woodpecker Christmas hours: 11:30 a.m. Come 10 p.m.

17. Carrabba’s


Find Carrabba’s near me

Carrabbas isn’t open on Christmas – yet they’re open up on Christmas Eve. Though some locations may close early on that day. Though, typically, they’re run their normal hrs on the 24th.

Carrabba’s Christmas hours: 11 a.m. Come 11 p.m. (Christmas Eve)

18. Chili’s


Find Chili’s close to me

Alas, Chili’s is closeup of the door on Christmas day. Which is good if you work-related there. Not an excellent if you want to eat there on the 25th. But, hey, we’ll survive without it. Probably. Their hours on the 24th rely on location, so definitely call ahead. Though we’d mean they’d be open up for at the very least a couple of hours starting at 11 a.m.

Chili’s Christmas hours: relies on place for Christmas Eve

19. Cracker Barrel


Find Cracker Barrel near me

Okay, so they’re not technically open up Christmas day – but they’re open Christmas Eve and also you can order quickly reheatable food indigenous them then. All Cracker Barrel areas close at 2 p.m. On Christmas Eve.

Cracker Barrel Christmas hours: 7 a.m. To 2 p.m. (Christmas Eve)

20. Fleming’s Steakhouse


Find Fleming’s close to me

Again, not technically open up on Christmas work – however they’re open Christmas Eve till 8:30 p.m. And they’re providing four-course vacation dinners and also takeout. Which, of course, you can reheat. However you won’t have the exact same ambiance. And you’ll certainly want to arrangement ahead if this is the course you want to take!

Fleming’s Steakhouse Christmas hours: 4 p.m. To 8:30 p.m.

21. Olive Garden


Find Olive Garden close to me

Olive Garden claims they’re close up door on Christmas come let their employees spend time through family. Which is fair and also all, however may or might not start a breadstick riot in some future year. We’ll see. Your Christmas Eve hrs are contempt reduced, v the bulk of places closing at 8 p.m. Rather of your usual 10 p.m.

Olive Garden Christmas hours: 11 a.m. Come 8 p.m. (Christmas Eve)

22. Outback Steakhouse


Find Outback Steakhouse close to me

Outback could celebrate Christmas (in the US, anyway,) yet they’ll have normal business hours ~ above Christmas Eve. However, your local Outback’s hrs may different from others, so you’ll tho likely need to check-in v your regional restaurant.

Outback Steakhouse Christmas hours: depends on location (Christmas Eve)

23. Romano’s Macaroni Grill


Find Macaroni Grill close to me

Most areas – ‘most’ gift the operative indigenous – are open 12 p.m. Come 8 p.m. On Christmas day v normal business hours ~ above Christmas Eve. So no must wait a whole 24 hours for your pasta fix – thankfully.

Macaroni Grill Christmas hours: 12 p.m. To 8 p.m

24. Ruth’s kris Steak House


Find Ruth’s Chris close to me

Ruth’s kris Steakhouse is open on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Castle also permit you to order your Christmas meals to take residence if you’d quite not brave a restaurant in ~ all. However, in all 3 cases, you’ll definitely want to do a preventive if you want to eat anything indigenous here around the holiday.

Ruth’s kris Steakhouse Christmas hours: common hours

25. Shoney’s


Find Shoney’s close to me

Yes, of course, Shoney’s is open up on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Your website says they’ll start opening at 11 a.m. ~ above Christmas day, however their finish time seems to be approximately the discretion the the manager. For this reason either gain there early or speak to ahead to inspect with your local Shoney’s.

Shoney’s Christmas hours: 11 a.m. Come ???

26. Sonic


Find Sonic close to me

Sonic isn’t open on Christmas day, but they’ll have actually normal hours at many of their places on Christmas Eve. Again, Sonic is among those places that’s hours vary by location, so certainly check in with yours if you’re looking front to a coney.

Sonic Drive-In Christmas hours: normal hours (Christmas Eve)

27. Waffle House


Find Waffle home near me

Waffle house – much like Denny’s – is always open 24/7 nevertheless of the vacation (or lack thereof.) therefore if you’re close come one, no worries, it’ll be open up Christmas Eve and Christmas day. However also very likely to be packed to the brim together well. Little of a plus-minus instance there.

Waffle house Christmas hours: 24/7

28. Morton’s Steakhouse


Find Morton’s Steakhouse close to me

If you’re right into the totality forget the the civilization is crumbling and also live in a delusion for a little bit mode (feels) climate Morton’s is open on Christmas Eve and also Christmas day because that dine-in and also pre-ordered Christmas takeout. Since a little component of Christmas has always – and likely will constantly be – regretting your credit card statements 2 months native now. But it’ll be worth it.

Morton’s Steakhouse Christmas hours: counts on ar – yet open both days

29. Perkin’s


Find Perkin’s close to me

All Perkins locations will be open up Christmas Eve and the majority will be open Christmas day. Though – come caveat – the hours that they’ll be open up for, and also on i m sorry day, counts on the location. For this reason you’ll certainly want to contact your neighborhood Perkin’s to number out the details.

Perkin’s Christmas hours: relies on location

30. Ted’s Montana Grill


Find Ted’s Montana Grill near me

Ted’s isn’t open up on Christmas day, yet they are open up on Christmas Eve. Though, again, the hrs vary indigenous restaurant to restaurant, so you’ll want to contact ahead to confirm when they’re open.

Ted’s Christmas hours: relies on location

31. Huddle House


Find Huddle house near me

There seems to it is in an unspoken rule about any location that serves largely pancakes being open up 24-hours top top Christmas. And also Huddle residence is no exemption to this rule. Therefore walk in whenever ~ above Christmas Eve and also Christmas day.

Huddle home Christmas hours: 24/7

32. Legit Sea Foods


Find legal Seafood close to me

Although not open on Christmas day, legitimate Seafood is open up on the 24th. Despite they perform strongly imply you make bookings if you plan on eating there on Christmas Eve.

Legal Seafood Christmas hours: regular hours

33. McCormick & Schmick’s


Find McCormick & Schmick’s close to me

Historically, McCormick & Schmick’s has actually been open on Christmas Eve and also Christmas day. However their hours may vary depending on which one of their 50 areas is near you. In any case, they strongly suggest you make bookings if you’re plan on dining-in (or acquisition out) roughly the holidays.

McCormick & Schmick’s Christmas hours: relies on locations

34. Del Frisco’s Grille


Find Del Frisco’s close to me

Del Frisco’s is additionally historically open Christmas day and Christmas night – though usually with normal hours. Normal hours, however, counts on your certain location. For this reason be sure to inspect with your local Del Frisco’s to uncover out as soon as they close on each day. Additionally, favor most areas this year, they’re providing special vacation fare for takeout as well. In any case, be certain to call ahead to arrange something since they’ll likely be slammed the day-of.

Del Friso’s Christmas hours: regular hours

35. Edgar’s Steakhouse


Located in Geneva, NY

Edgar’s Steakhouse is situated in Geneva, NY in the Belhurst Castle. They’ll be open Christmas Eve and also Christmas job – yet in either case – you’ll desire to get on her reservations. Choose now. But, hey, eating Christmas dinner in a lock feels like a entirety other level of escapism that many of united state can obtain behind. So every the power to girlfriend if friend live close enough!

Edgar’s Steakhouse Christmas hours: 5 come 8 p.m (Christmas Eve) 4 – 8 p.m. (Christmas day)

Honorable Mentions:

Although they’re not open on Christmas work – or generally Christmas Eve, you have the right to still snag Christmas dinner indigenous them.

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Holiday Bo crate is here, simply in time because that the holidays. Because that $19.99, customers deserve to indulge in the ultimate quick food Christmas dinner. The box is composed of eight pieces of hand-breaded, Cajun spiced chicken, 2 picnic Fixin’s, 4 buttermilk biscuits (Bojangles style), and half a gallon the iced tea.

Let us know in the comments whereby your favorite place to seize food approximately the holidays is!